Biggest Moments From Raw- August 21, 2017

SummerSlam may have only taken place on Sunday night, but as you should know by now, the WWE machine never stops. Just 24 hours later, half of WWE's Superstars had to be primed and ready for another edition of Monday Night Raw. Not only did WWE promise us Brock Lesnar would be a part of the evening's festivities, but there was also the impressive tally of three new champions, all crowned at SummerSlam, to parade out at various points throughout the night. As always, Raw was a somewhat marathon three hours long, and as always not every second of the show was must-see television. Lucky for you, we've cherry picked the very best moments from the show and here are the big five.

5. Braun Has Brock's Number

At SummerSlam, Braun Strowman proved he is a more than worthy adversary to Brock Lesnar and that he should be Universal Champion. Despite attempting to completely decimate The Beast, Lesnar defied the odds to come back and win. On Raw, Strowman showed his displeasure at Brock and his advocate Paul Heyman's gloating about the Fatal 4-Way win. Strowman squared up to the champ and quickly delivered a couple of power slams to Lesnar. Not many people can make Lesnar look vulnerable, but Strowman is continuing to do so and will get another chance when they meet for the title at No Mercy.



4. Big Cass Suffers Legitimate Injury

In the first match of Monday night, Big Cass was given the job of shutting up his former tag team partner Enzo Amore once again in a Brooklyn Street Fight. Shockingly, Amore won, but whether that was the intended outcome or not we will never know. Cass suffered a nasty looking injury during the match which has since been confirmed to be a legitimate one. After a big boot over the top rope, the seven footer landed extremely awkwardly, his leg buckling underneath him. Cass tried to battle on but eventually, the referee had no choice but to bring the match to a premature as Cass audibly vented his frustration. Let's hope it wasn't as bad as it looked.



3. John Cena Arrives On Monday Night Raw

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Kurt Angle had an announcement to make as the first hour became the second on this week's Raw. The General Manager had a new Superstar to introduce to Monday night's crowd, or rather a returning one, John Cena. When Cena returned a couple of months ago, WWE made it very clear that he was a free agent able to move freely between Raw and SmackDown Live, well now the former World Champion has put that status to good use. Cena revealed that he had come to Raw for one reason, and that reason was Roman Reigns. The two of them stood across the ring from one another was a pretty incredible sight, and just as the pair were about to throw down The Miz intervened. The A-Lister seemed pretty upset that he was left off of SummerSlam's main card and constantly overlooked (his words). Once Cena could get a word in, he requested Miz and one of his Miztourage take on the super team of himself and Roman Reigns. Miz declined. That was until Samoa Joe joined the party and told Miz that he was his partner whether he liked it or not, which set up the night's main event, then set about throwing hands with Cena. This was a jam-packed segment, to say the least.


2. Ambrose And Rollins Are Definitely On The Same Page

What a difference seven days can make. It was only on last week's Raw that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were still unsure on whether they could trust each other. Six days later came SummerSlam and a Raw Tag Team Title win for the former Shield brothers. The good times kept coming on Monday night for The Lunatic and The Architect as they were pitted against a couple of childhood heroes of their's, The Hardy Boyz. The dream match of sorts was every bit as great as you would expect it to be too. Terrific back and forth between all four men and the epitome of team work between Seth and Dean to finish off their opponents. A knee to the face of Jeff Hardy immediately followed by a Dirty Deeds.


1. John Cena And Roman Reigns Make Quite The Team

Well, we say they make quite the team, they picked up the win at least. Earlier in the night as outlined above, a Cena - Reigns confrontation wound up in a match being made where the two mega stars would have to team up. Cena seemed more focused on trying to entertain the restless Brooklyn crowd at first, but as always he eventually got into his groove. The result of the bout was never really in any doubt, although the Raw new guy and his Samoan partner were on shaky ground at one point. A misplaced Superman Punch from The Big Dog clocked his partner but it wasn't enough to derail the team. Cena rallied and picked up the win via an AA to The Miz. We can't imagine Cena or Reigns will want to make a habit of teaming together though.

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