Finn Balor Busted Open By Elias Samson's Guitar On Raw

Finn Balor was left with some pretty nasty gashes on the back of his head following Elias Samson's attack during their match on Raw.

Present day WWE, and more specifically, Vince McMahon does not promote the presence of blood on their product. It's a stance they have gone back and forth on over the past 25 years or so, but for a while now, they have been of the firm belief that their Superstars should not intentionally cut themselves to add a sense of realism to a match or an angle. Sometimes though, the nature of the business leads to wrestlers being busted open, and we witnessed that on Monday night.

Balor and Samson did battle again on this week's Raw, and this time "The Drifter" didn't wait around long enough to find out if he would once again be defeated by the Irishman. Instead, Samson grabbed his guitar and smashed it over the head of his opponent. It was all part of the show of course, but the blood coming out of the back of Finn's head was not.

After the match, Balor posted a photo to his Twitter account showing the extent of the damage the guitar shot caused. The foreign object seems to have caused not one but two nasty cuts towards the back of Balor's head. Even though the shot was seemingly supposed to hit Balor on the shoulder—and to be fair it did take the brunt of it—clearly, the spot went slightly awry and caught the first ever Universal Champion around the back of the head.


As well as not liking blood on WWE television, the powers-that-be also completely banned head shots from their product, so somewhat of a double whammy in terms of this incident. It's certainly not the first time that a Superstar has been unintentionally busted open recently. Only last week at Great Balls Of Fire Matt Hardy ended a 30-minute Iron Man match with blood pouring down one side of his face following a nasty bump.


WWE may not like their Superstars bleeding, but unfortunately for them and their stars, with the nature of pro wrestling, it will happen. Balor likely doesn't hold any ill will towards Samson following the incident, so providing he doesn't make it a regular occurrence, neither should WWE.

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