Biggest Moments From Raw - Brock Lesnar Actually Shows Up!

There are now less than three weeks until WrestleMania 34 so you can rest assured that momentum is gathering at a pretty impressive rate. By this point if the matches which will appear on the card haven't been made official then we're still 98 percent certain of what they are going to be. Raw's side of the show took shape even more this past Monday night and being so close to April 8th you can rest assured that there were some big moments. There's no slowing down now folks and the shows just get more and more action packed at this time of year.

5. The Swiftest Of Powerslams

The Bar seem pretty confident that come WrestleMania they will be able to successfully defend their Tag Team Championships against Braun Strowman and whoever his partner turns out to be for the evening. Weirdly, The Monster Among Men having a partner might make things easier for the European pair. At least this way they won't have to keep Strowman down for a three count in order to retain their titles. Even pinning Strowman's partner at WrestleMania will be much easier said than done though. On Raw this week Cesaro had the unenviable task of taking The Monster on all by himself. The former US Champion got some offence in but not nearly enough. Strowman caught Cesaro in mid-air and smoothly maneuvered him into his signature powerslam to pick up the win.

4. Mickie James Gets Knocked Flat

Alexa Bliss and Asuka are two of the most talented female Superstars in WWE today and the match between them on Raw was one that we thought was going to be at WrestleMania not so long ago. Despite all of that the biggest moment from their match on Monday night didn't come until after the bout had ended. Bliss played up an ankle injury and was counted out as Mickie James helped her back up the entrance way. Unfortunately for James just a few seconds later it was her that needed help as Nia Jax came hurtling down the ramp like a freight train, knocking the six time Women's Champion flat on her back in her quest to get her hands on Bliss.


3. A Chokeslam Is Not An Answer

It's not often that a John Cena promo segment makes it on to the biggest moments list. That's because our definition of a big moment is a big move that has been performed at some point during the show. As you might have guessed by this point someone joined Cena during the segment but it wasn't who he wanted. Once again the sixteen time World Champion went about trying to get The Undertaker to actually give him an answer about WrestleMania but he had no luck. The Superstar who did come to the ring is as close to The Deadman as you can get though, his half brother Kane. Cena thought that The Big Red Machine might be acting as The Deadman's messenger. No such luck. Kane merely chokeslammed the incessant Cena and returned to the locker room.

2. Shoved Unceremoniously Into The Lake Of Reincarnation

Who could have possibly imagined when we were all first watching The Final Deletion that one day we would see it manifest on WWE television? That the barbs sent back and forth between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt while they were in different promotions would lead us here? It's pretty incredible and on Monday night The Eater Of Worlds paid a visit to The Hardy Compound. Vanguard One was constantly on the look out and Senor Benjamin had prepared the battlefield. Naturally the match didn't remain in the ring it started in and actually came to an end when The Woken One pinned Wyatt on the bank of The Lake Of Reincarnation. As Bray staggered to his feet following his loss Hardy dealt him one final blow, condemning him to the lake.


1. The First Of Many Suplexes

Last week fans who attended Raw in Detroit were not happy when Brock Lesnar was not on the show despite being advertised. Well fans in Dallas didn't have that problem this Monday night, although ironically Roman Reigns would have likely hoped they had. Initially The Big Dog was just as mad as everybody else that it seemed as if The Beast was going to be a no show again, but that was before Lesnar turned up once Roman was in handcuffs. Reigns had a steel chair in hand and swung it at the oncoming Universal Champion but it was in vain. The Beast Incarnate grabbed the former WWE Champion around his waist and delivered the first of what would be a litany of German suplexes. Those along with the steel chair assault and an F5 meant Reigns left the arena in the back of an ambulance.

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