5 Biggest Moments From Raw - A Monstrous Attitude Adjustment

WWE's programming had a lot to live up to this week when it comes to big moments. Last week we saw Shinsuke Nakamura win the men's Royal Rumble, Ronda Rousey show up in WWE, and Braun Strowman crush Kane under an announce table so that he had to be carted off in an ambulance. This is officially WrestleMania season though so why shouldn't we expect some big moments each and every week? Here are the five biggest from this week's Raw, we'll let you decide whether they live up to the hype.

5. Backdrops In Stereo

What direction WWE is going in with Finn Balor right now is a little unclear. What is clear though is that they seem pretty invested in the newly formed Balor Club. This past week on Raw the Irishman went about putting his loss to John Cena behind him as he and the good brother Karl Anderson took on The Revival in tag team action. This one was supposed to be a singles affair between Balor and Dash Wilder but Raw's top guys decided to throw down the gauntlet. They will likely be regretting that now as they suffered a loss to the longtime friends. Balor and Anderson worked together like a well oiled machine as is evident from the backdrops above that the pair delivered to Dash and Dawson in unison.


4. Time To Fly

The cruiserweights are looking to impress right now. Not only are they all currently involved in a 16 man tournament to crown a brand new Cruiserweight Champion, but on Raw this past Monday their new General Manager and person who put the tournament together Drake Maverick was sitting at the announce desk watching their match. The tag team action featured the team of Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali taking on Drew Gulak and Tony Nese. Alexander is the only one of the four who has advanced in the tournament so far and showed exactly why he's a favorite to win the whole thing. Towards the end of the match Alexander pulled off an acrobatic feat that he does so often which sees him launch himself high over the ropes. We may see it a lot but that doesn't make it any less impressive.


3. Drive By Diffused

There are a few big stars throughout WWE's history that impress in the ring despite having very limited move sets. They pick a few select moves and they do them well. Like him or not Roman Reigns is one of those Superstars. He may not exactly perform a smorgasbord of maneuvers but The Big Dog can put on a terrific match. This past Monday he had to get past Bray Wyatt as they battled it out for a place inside the Elimination Chamber. With Wyatt recovering on the apron Reigns went about connecting with his patented Drive By. The Eater of Worlds had other plans though as he absolutely leveled Reigns with a clothesline right at the last second.


2. Could This Be The Fate Of Asuka?

Nia Jax will have likely been disappointed by the announcement from Kurt Angle on Monday night that she will not be in the first ever women's Elimination Chamber match. She might have something better to look forward to though, a one on one match with Asuka on that same night. Plus if she wins she will be added to the Raw Women's Title match at WrestleMania. On Raw this week Jax had the chance to demonstrate exactly why she may be the biggest threat yet to Asuka's undefeated streak. A local talent named Vanessa Floyd was the prey of Jax and she got treated exactly how you'd expect. The highlight of the match came when Jax lifted Floyd high above her head with ease before throwing her down to the mat.


1. A Monstrous Attitude Adjustment

You can rest assured that wherever Braun Strowman goes, chaos is sure to follow. That was definitely the case in Raw's main event this week as he took on John Cena and Elias in a triple threat match. Cena had very little to do with the ending of the match, apart from the fact he was the man being pinned, as his big moment came a little earlier. That's when the 16 time World Champion used his super human strength to pick up The Monster Among Men and AA him on to a set of steel steps. That would have spelled the end of the evening for anyone else on the roster. Not Strowman though and he was delivering running powerslams to both of his opponents shortly after that.

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