Raw Gets Overhauled With New Theme Song And Logo

Raw celebrated its 25th anniversary last week and it was an incredible milestone. But WWE's flagship show hasn't been exactly the same for all of that time. The red brand actually had pretty humble beginnings, ones which we were reminded of during Raw 25 last week as part of the show emanated from the home of the first ever episode, the Manhattan Center.

Since then Raw has evolved and adapted and basically looked extremely different as time has passed. During the attitude era the show was known as Raw Is War and the whole thing from the theme tune to the opening credits had a very gritty feel. Every couple of years the show is changed again and bands such as Nickelback and Papa Roach have contributed a theme for the longest running episodic show on television.


This past Monday night the show underwent one of those semi-regular changes. The graphics for the show have all been changed and Papa Roach have offered up a new opening theme. The track is called Born For Greatness and if you missed it on Monday you can check it out below. As mentioned above Papa Roach have been the sound of Raw before, their song To Be Loved was used for the show back in 2006.

The Royal Rumble on Sunday night had a feeling that there was change in the air. From Shinsuke Nakamura winning the men's Rumble to the arrival of Ronda Rousey, it felt like a new leaf was about to be turned. Raw's new look and feel plus some of the matches that happened on the show have just compounded that feeling. It's the first time the theme and the graphics for the show have been changed since the draft in 2016.

Following a massive weekend of action from WWE they needed something big on Monday night to keep the attention of fans they had lured in on Sunday night. On paper they certainly did that and to be fair a lot of what was on paper transferred to what we saw on our screens and in the ring. Let's hope that the momentum generated lasts all the way along the road to WrestleMania.

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