Raw Recap (07/06/2015)


The Beast has returned from the East but what did he have in store for the WWE fans in Chicago? Kevin Owens is no longer the NXT Champion but remains focused on John Cena and the United States Championship.

Here is how the latest edition of Monday Night Raw went down:

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are out first to a massive ovation. Heyman takes to the mic to thrash Seth Rollins and promote the non-human-like existence of his client before running down his list of accomplishments. Heyman assures the crowd that beatings and suplexes will be delivered before night’s end.

Big Show vs. Ryback

The action was slow with a few hard spots. The Miz on the mic at ringside proved more entertaining than the actual match – eventually attacking both competitors and catching the fury of both men.

Match Winner: Big Show? (No official announcement but The Miz attacked Big Show first)

Match Rating: 3/10

Brie Bella vs. Paige

Some nice offense from Paige but Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox at ringside would provide enough of a distraction for Brie to score the victory.

Match Winner: Brie Bella

Match Rating: 2/10

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus

This was a rough contest that lost the hostile Chicago crowd at times but had them jacked at others. When the lights went out and a fake Bray Wyatt emerged; Roman Reigns would attack the imposter and get counted out.

Match Winner: Sheamus via Count Out

Match Rating: 5/10

Post-Match: Randy Orton comes out and takes the fight to Sheamus; laying him out in the ring with an RKO.

No one ever expects an #RKOOuttaNowhere! @randyorton has returned! #RAW

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Backstage: Triple H and Seth Rollins discuss Brock Lesnar – coming to the conclusion that Rollins needs to call out Lesnar.

Rusev with Summer Rae is out to “apologize” for wasting a year of his life on Lana – eventually brining out Dolph Ziggler and Lana. Ziggler informs Rusev that everything he has ever gotten in WWE was due to Lana. This would lead to Rusev beating down Ziggler with his crutch. (Rusev removed his cast in the process – appearing to be healed)

Bo Dallas vs. Dean Ambrose

The crowd was split during this match which was decent for the little time it was given. Dean Ambrose would pick up the win with Dirty Deeds.

Match Winner: Dean Ambrose

Match Rating: 5/10

King Barrett vs. R-Truth (King What’s Up)

King Barrett was actually given more than a few minutes of ring time in what turned out to be a solid battle between the King of the Ring and the Delusional King. Barrett catches Truth in mid-air will a Bull Hammer for the victory.

Match Winner: King Barrett

Match Rating: 6/10

Seth Rollins comes out along with an axe handle and J&J Security to call out Brock Lesnar who makes his way out and picks up two actual axes; destroying the car (which was on hand) that Rollins gifted upon Nobel and Mercury who in turn run up the aisle to fight Lesnar but are torn to shreds by The Beast. Lesnar then chases Rollins out of the ring and the arena.

Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day

Lucha Dragons are high-energy. The New Day are high spirits. This match would showcase some fast-paced action as well as some interesting guest commentary from Prime Time Players. (Titus O’Neil is full of charisma) The New Day picks up the win as they prepare for their Championship match against PTP.

Match Winner: The New Day

Match Rating: 7/10

-John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge-

John Cena delivers a speech about the moments he has had at the Allstate Arena before being interrupted by Kevin Owens who belittles the weekly John Cena address and appears to accept the Open Challenge. This brings out Cesaro who claims the U.S. title match belongs to him; causing Owens to leave the ring.

The rematch is on! #CenavsCesaro is happening right now! #RAW

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John Cena (c) vs. Cesaro (United States Championship)

John Cena and Cesaro once again put on a show as the match of the night. Cesaro can truly take Cena to the limit which he has proven more than once. Cena wins with an AA from the middle rope.

Post-Match: Kevin Owens attempts the sneek attack on John Cena but receives and AA for his efforts.

Match Winner: John Cena

Match Rating: 8.5/10

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