Raw Recap (11/23/2015)

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Survivor Series has come and gone; with it came the crowning of a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion ... the fallout follows:

The Authority come out to address the WWE Universe: they discuss Roman Reigns and his squandered alliance opportunity. Triple H introduces the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus who boasts about his victory; the crowd loathes "The Celtic Warrior."

Eventually, Roman Reigns makes his way down through the crowd to confront The Authority and Sheamus. Reigns demands a rematch on Raw but Stephanie denies his request. A stare-down between Reigns and Triple H ensues; "The Game" speaks down to Reigns and states that the rematch will take place when he sees fit ... Rusev out of nowhere with a kick to the face of Reigns, followed by Sheamus scoring a kick of his own.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Out to avenge their loss at Survivor Series, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper bring the strange to DudleyVille and pick up a much needed victory.

Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

Nice to see these tow ladies given some time to compete on Raw. Strong showing on both parts with Sasha Banks picking up the pinfall.

-The New Day waste time with nonsense attempts at comedy-

Mark Henry vs. Neville

Pointless match used to fill time. Neville lands a kick and hits The Red Arrow to pick up the victory.

Goldust and Prime Time Players vs. Stardust and The Ascension

The pointless competition continues with this six-man match. Goldust and Prime Time Players win. Boring.

-State of MexAmerica Address-

Zeb Colture spews his usual patriotic propaganda while Alberto Del Rio speaks in Spanish to the crowd. Nothing out of the ordinary. Jack Swagger interrupts and makes his way down to confront Del Rio. The U.S. Champion backs down.

Charlotte vs. Paige (Divas Championship)

This Survivor Series rematch would bring out the aggression in both women as the physicality was turned up in this bout. The finish would come as a double count out.

-Heath Slater attempts to do some singing. Ryback comes down to take him out ... more nonsense-

Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze vs. Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler

Finally a decent tag match put on by four guys who do no even compete n the tag team division. (Something to be said about that situation) Dean Ambrose pins Tyler Breeze for the victory.

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

Relatively slow match which would see interference from Sheamus as Roman Reigns fought his way through the numbers. However, it would prove too much as King Barrett would cause the DQ.

Post-Match: Roman Reigns beats down Sheamus and Rusev with a steel chair as this disappointing Raw concludes.

Going Forward

Sheamus and Roman Reigns in a TLC match? This doesn't exactly scream excitement as neither man is known for his ladder match capabilities. Where are Edge and Jeff Hardy when we really need them?

If Paige is set to remain in the Divas Championship picture then at least add a little more spice to the scene and include Sasha Banks in some capacity. Why not? What could go wrong?

The absence of John Cena, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins continues to linger throughout the WWE Universe as Survivor Series and this edition of Monday Night Raw both sucked.

Raw should revert back to the two hour format.

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Raw Recap (11/23/2015)