Raw And SmackDown To Run Commercial-Free First Hours For Holiday

It was quite a surprise when WWE announced a few months ago that Monday Night Raw would broadcast live on Christmas night, due to the fact that it’s one of the biggest holidays in the world.

While many wrestling fans might be busy, the USA Network and WWE are giving them some incentive to tune this coming Monday night, by not showing a single commercial during the first hour, according to WWE.

Not only will the first hour of Raw be commercial free, but Tuesday night’s SmackDown will also be commercial free during the first hour as well. It’s a nice gift from the USA Network and WWE to their loyal fans and supporters.

As WWE pointed out, Raw and SmackDown are extremely popular cable TV shows and are averaging more viewers than any other cable show and trend on Twitter every week of the year. They’re clearly aware that their viewers deserve a small treat.

There’s no doubt that this is a nice treat. It would be great if the USA Network and WWE could broadcast the first hour of Raw commercial free every week due to the fact that the show is three hours long. Or maybe make the final hour free of commercials.

The good news for anyone that doesn’t have anything to do on Christmas night, is that they will be able to look forward to watching Raw while not having to worry about sitting through commercials during the first hour.



Another reason for fans to look forward to Monday’s show is because superstar John Cena will make his return after taking a short break to work on any obligations that he has with television shows and movies that he’s involved in. Of course Cena has also been seen on SmackDown, but he doesn’t have a contract with a specific brand, so he can go between both shows, which is why he’ll be on Raw.

Other than Cena’s return, we don’t know what else could go down on Christmas.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on both Raw and SmackDown airing commercial free during the first hour of each show.

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