Raw Superstar Set For Shocking Babyface Run?

Nia Jax has been booked as a monster ever since she debuted in NXT a few years ago. Nia is perhaps the most dominant female wrestler to step foot in WWE since Chyna and having her as a heel superstar has definitely helped her over the past few months on the main roster.

On Monday Night Nia stepped into a storyline with Alexa Bliss and according to The Wrestling Observer, this could be a feud where Nia is able to turn face. Alexa is a hot commodity right now and she is a great heel on the Raw brand, so having someone like Nia in her corner who can learn from her, could well be great for both women.

The fact that Jax and Bliss are also good friends outside of WWE will only help them bring out the best in each other in the ring, much like Trish Stratus and Lita once did:

Totally normal ✌🏻 @niajaxwwe #calmdown

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Alexa is  the smallest female on the WWE roster right now, while Nia herself towers over the former bodybuilder. WWE could make this work if they booked it well and allowed Nia to become an empowering role model for females.

Nia as a Women's Champion and a face superstar would be huge for WWE. It's something that Kharma was never able to achieve and it would show just how far WWE has come.

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