5 Huge Takeaways From Raw - Violence Is The Answer

Although the Road to WrestleMania doesn't technically start until the night of the Royal Rumble, it very much feels like momentum has begun to build towards April 8th already. We may not know what any of the matches are for WrestleMania 34 right now, at least not definitely, but there is an awful lot going on in WWE at the moment that feels pretty can't miss. From a rematch of what was a Universal Title match a year and a half ago to Braun Strowman ransacking the entirety of the backstage area, this week's Raw very much had that big show feel about it.

5. Apollo And Titus Must Be In Line For A Title Shot

Last week on Raw The Bar took on The Titus Brand in what felt like nothing more than a glorified squash match for Sheamus and Cesaro. Not so as Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews managed to pull off a shock win. This week we witnessed the rematch and what would presumably be the former Tag Team Champions getting their win back. Again, not so. They may have had a helping hand from Jason Jordan distracting their opponents, but O'Neil and Crews picked up a second win in as many weeks. Considering Sheamus and Cesaro are the number one contenders to the tag titles you would have to imagine that The Titus Brand should be getting a title shot some time soon also with all these wins.

4. Violence Is The Answer

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The opening segment of this week's Raw was short and not so sweet. Kurt Angle cut short Braun Strowman's promo so that he could fire The Monster Among Men. The GM really should have predicted what would come next. Strowman went on a rampage and it quickly became clear that nothing was going to stop him. From catering to security to the production trucks, nothing and nobody was safe. As has been the case many times over the years, Michael Cole became a target. With the announcer in Strowman's clutches, Kurt Angle had no choice but to bow to Stephanie McMahon's orders and re-hire Raw's Resident Monster just an hour after firing him. Strowman then proceeded to celebrate by throwing Cole off of the stage anyway. Luckily there was a crowd of security guards to break his fall.



3. Misters Before Sisters

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There was a time just as Asuka was being introduced on to the main roster that some fans may have been worried her undefeated streak would come to an abrupt end. Well those fears have long been forgotten and the latest notch on The Empress's belt was Nia Jax, probably her toughest opponent so far on Raw. It wasn't the win Asuka would have wanted though as the match was stopped due to a knee injury to Jax. Turns out that was all for the purposes of furthering a different angle. Alexa Bliss was helping her injured friend backstage when Jax's love interest Enzo Amore arrived to lend a helping hand. It was at this point that Jax opted for the care of the Cruiserweight Champion over her supposed best friend, sending Bliss away in favor of Amore.


2. It'll Take More Than The Miztourage To Beat Reigns

So far aside from the ever growing list of huge stars appearing on the show, the only thing that has been announced for Raw's 25th anniversary is an Intercontinental Title match between Roman Reigns and The Miz. The A-Lister was hoping that his Miztourage, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, could soften the champ up a little before next week as they took on The Big Dog in a two-on-one handicap match. Even with The Awesome One himself trying to assist at every possible opportunity they couldn't pick up the win. That doesn't bode well for Miz's chances next week.

1. Jason Jordan May Be More Help Than He Seems

Jason Jordan made a few appearances on Raw this week. Firstly as touched upon earlier in this article, he emerged to distract The Bar and caused them to lose to Titus Worldwide. Then he suggested to Kurt Angle that his tag partner Seth Rollins go one-on-one with Finn Balor. Being a rematch of the Universal Title match that took place at SummerSlam 2016, Angle couldn't resist. Jordan was at ringside for the bout and The Bar came to the ring looking for revenge. Their presence actually wound up playing in Rollins' favor. Sheamus and Cesaro ended up clashing with Gallows and Anderson and amid all the confusion Jordan tripped Balor. The Architect quickly followed up with a curb stomp on his opponent, a move we haven't seen from Rollins since it was banned in WWE. That earned him the win and left Balor looking rather groggy.


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