RAW TV Ratings Hit 20-Year Low!

I think we all could have guessed that going up against the season opener of Monday Night Football would mean lower ratings for Monday's episode of RAW, but maybe not this low.

The final ratings for this past Monday's RAW was a 1.88 and it drew 2.69 million viewers. This was the lowest non-holiday ratings for RAW since 1996. And actually the only time the ratings were lower - holidays or not - were the 1.87 rating from this past July 4th episode.

To break down the numbers even more: the first hour of RAW on Monday brought in 2.833 million viewers. The second hour drew 2.717 million and the last hour only saw 2.520 million tuned in. That third hour was the least watched third hour (that includes holidays) since the show went to three hours.

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