Raw vs. SmackDown vs. NXT: 5 New Tag Teams We Want To See Formed In Each Brand

WWE has transformed its tag team division into a robust one in the past few years, as the stacked roster is often trimmed down by creating tag teams, as some teams excel at the prospect of being put together while others just get lost in the shuffle. With more and more teams being formed in NXT and then being sent to the main roster, there was a dire need for the Brand Extension, as both Smackdown and Raw have some pretty good tag teams between them now.

But the necessity of more tag teams to fill out the long shows have forced the company to make some odd-ball teams, which no one really cares about, and their lack of personality and ability to thrill the audience dulls down the product. With so many superstars put into the different brands, it’s high time that WWE decides to experiment a little with its product and create some better, more exciting tag teams that can legitimately catch the attention of the audience and entertain us. WWE has many superstars who are in threat of being lost in the shuffle because of the lack of titles and the hesitation of the management of putting any titles on them, so giving them a go as a tag team might get them over.

With the rumors being afloat of another tag title being introduced for the Smackdown Brand, WWE really needs to up its game on its degrading Tag Team Division to make it great again. Let’s have a look at 5 teams we want to see being formed on Raw, Smackdown and NXT.

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33 RAW

32 Darren Young and Curtis Axel 

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WWE’s campaign to “Make Darren Young Great Again” isn’t really boding too well with the fans, who are confused on where exactly this will lead. Young needs to start from scratch and go back to the tag team division to become “great again,” and pitting him with someone like Curtis Axel can actually be good for both superstars. As a team, Young can be the “better man” of sorts who racks up the wins, while Axel could provide the entertainment and comedy along with Bob Backlund. These two were a part of “The Nexus,” so both of them know each other pretty well, as Axel could campaign to "Make Darren Young and Curtis Axel Perfect Again,” which could be pretty entertaining stuff. With the New Day’s hilarious antics leading them to the very top, these two should be given the ball and allowed to run with it and could provide something unique but amusing for Monday Night Raw.


30 Neville and Titus O’Neil

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Both Neville and Titus O’Neil don’t seem to have proper story-lines in place right now, as they’re booked in random matches with creative hoping something sparks. While Neville has just recovered from an injury, Titus is still on thin ice in the company, which wants to play it safe with him after his suspension. These two really need to be put in a tag team, and pitting them could be really good for them. With the raw power of Titus and the high-flying ability of Neville, they could have the right chemistry to their moveset. Also, they wouldn’t really have to do much talking, as their matches would do the talking for them, and with the different popularity of both superstars, they could really benefit from being put together. WWE doesn’t seem to know what to do with either of these men, so letting them try to enthral the tag team division could be a good short-term solution for both of them and could be a decent long-term solution if they manage to thrive in the division.


28 Jack Swagger and Mark Henry

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Both Jack Swagger and Mark Henry will probably be disappointed for being put on the Raw Brand, where they will be nothing but glorified jobbers. Instead of having them job to random mid-carders all the time, WWE could do both of them good by teaming them together. With both representing America, they could be a newer version of “The Real Americans” and could be promoted as fighting for their nation. With both of them having compelling heel natures as well, a heel turn could do them good, and having them destroy smaller oppositions could make them an intimidating tag team, which could help with the lack of compelling heel tag teams in the Raw Brand. Plus, giving Henry a title run before his retirement (which is probably soon) will be a good ode to the company’s faithful servant, and they could improve Swagger’s position in the company as well with this move, which has huge potential if they let these two really whack up their opponents.


26 Rusev and Chris Jericho

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Rusev and Chris Jericho are both pretty prominent parts of Monday Night Raw right now, but that can change any moment with WWE likely looking to make some changes in the program. Instead of burying them to a lower status, WWE could put Rusev and Jericho together for a while and let them have an attempt at winning the Tag Titles on Raw. With Rusev expected to lose his US title very soon (Reigns is coming after it) and Jericho feuding with The Realest Guys in the Room, Y2J could call the cavalry in Rusev who could provide something fresh to the tag team division. With their Anti-American rants and the subtle hilarity that Jericho brings, this could be a breath of fresh air at Monday Night Raw and a heel team that will bring legitimate reactions and heat from the crowd. With Raw lacking in Heel tag teams, putting these two amazing wrestlers together would not only provide for sublime matches, but also amazing promos and mic-segments that could take the Tag Team Division to another level.


24 Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn might be the deadliest of rivals in the WWE right now, but everyone knows of their history, as the best friends were once one of the greatest tag teams in the world. Owens and Zayn have been Tag Champions at promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) and Ring of Honor (ROH) and have an amazing chemistry in the ring. Though it’ll be extremely difficult to actually make this happen, the team of Owens and Zayn could be the greatest thing to happen to the tag team division in a long time, and it could lead to them gaining more popularity. They could be united like DX was in 2005, fighting against a common enemy, which would be a fresh turn for Owens, too, who could show his face persona. This is extremely difficult to pull off because of Owens' cocky heel persona, but it would be really awesome to see these two team up in the WWE ring and show their amazing chemistry and touching friendship, bringing a compelling case to the Tag Team Division.


22 Smackdown

21 Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan

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Dolph Ziggler might have been given the opportunity he deserved for a long time with a WWE Championship shot at SummerSlam, but it’s extremely doubtful that he’s winning the title. Ziggler needs a heel turn immediately and it’ll be very good on WWE’s part if they pair him with a bigger guy (like Big E) and bring back the cocky Ziggler. This big guy could be Erick Rowan, who is probably going to leave Bray Wyatt sooner rather than later and it’ll be an interesting move to see Ziggler and Rowan (now feuding) team up. Ziggler can be a good teacher to Rowan as well, helping to develop an entertaining personality for him, and he could be aided by Rowan to be catapulted into the main event scene permanently. They could also give them a shot at going after the Smackdown Tag Titles, as they have the right balance between themselves to make an intriguing team. Ziggler needs someone to let his heel persona show, and the intimidating Rowan is the perfect answer for it. The Tag Team Division would be turned on its head if these two team up.


19 Kane and Kalisto

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Kane seems to be in the middle of nowhere right now, as the veteran is barely in any prominent storyline since the Authority one and isn’t seen much either at Smackdown. The Devil’s most faithful servant (that is if The Devil were Vince McMahon) isn’t getting any younger and might bow out soon enough, and with WWE’s hesitation to put a singles belt on an old guy like him, they could at least let him have his last laugh in the tag team division. And Kalisto could be a great partner for him, as the exciting luchador is still a bit green as a singles competitor and could use the mentor of Kane to develop into a proper singles wrestler. Kane tagged with X-Pac back in the dying days of The Attitude Era and is a very good tag team wrestler with a successful history in the Division - and let's not forget about Team Hell No. Kalisto is also an excellent wrestler in Tag Team competition, and the diverse persona of both these guys could really make for some exciting stuff, as well as give Kane some well-deserved attention before he bows out of the WWE.


17 The Miz and Tyler Breeze

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The Miz is probably the most loathed heel right now in the WWE, as “The A-Lister” gets amazing heat from the audience every time he speaks on the mic. With Tyler Breeze needing a repackaging and in dire need of proper guidance, putting him alongside the Miz can only do “Prince Pretty” a whole load of good. Breeze really needs to disband with Fandango and needs someone with more experience and legitimacy to become a proper heel who’ll be hated by the fans. If he’s put with The Miz, helping him win his matches and trying to go for the Tag Titles with him could make him as loathsome a heel in the WWE, and hanging around with someone like the Miz will obviously make him relevant again. With both of them being cocky yet cowardly heels, watching them show off together and make petty attempts at riling up the crowd will be extremely entertaining, as both of them can pull off the arrogant heel very well and could be an A-Lister tag team in no time.


15 Rhyno and Baron Corbin

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Rhyno is back in the WWE, but there doesn’t seem to be much for him at Smackdown after his return. The "Master of the Gore!" was left to destroy Heath Slater but is unlikely to be pushed in the main event scene anytime soon. Rhyno looks to be in good shape and could be a key member of the tag team division, and putting him alongside another monster in Baron Corbin could make for a terrorizing tag team for the brand. The unadulterated power of both Rhyno and Corbin along with their ability to completely destroy their opponents could make for a terrifying heel tag team who would be stopped by only the best team on the brand. Both Corbin and Rhyno have a very hard-hitting, strong style of wrestling and there could be a lot of legitimacy to their tag team, which would help develop Corbin as a top level heel for the future and bring Rhyno the glory that he deserves.


13 Shelton Benjamin and Apollo Crews

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Shelton Benjamin is back in the WWE (or at least he will be in a couple of months), as he was about to debut in Smackdown soon but sadly got injured. But because of his passion for the sport, we could be seeing him return in a couple of months, and he’ll need to settle into his home brand again, as the tag team specialist should be put where he’s most comfortable. Benjamin’s style could compliment someone in the stature of the rising Apollo Crews, who has been extremely impressive ever since debuting in the WWE, as these two can take the brand by storm if put together. Both Benjamin and Crews are extremely athletic and powerful and can pull off some crazy moves, which is destined to make them fan favorites if they are put together. Benjamin is a veteran of the tag team division of Smackdown and should be inserted into the thick of things, and Crews could benefit a lot if he manages to keep up with the fast-paced athleticism of Benjamin, as these two phenomenal athletes have the potential to take Smackdown's tag team division to a whole new level.


11 NXT

10 Elias Samson and Sawyer Fulton

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Elias Samson is now one of the most mystical characters in NXT, as “The Drifter” roams into the arenas and confronts his opponents. Samson portrays the “drifting” character well but would need an accomplice after returning from his injury, and a relatively unknown superstar in Sawyer Fulton could be a good match for his “roaming philosophy.” Fulton has been jobbing for superstars on NXT TV for a long time now, and needs a gimmick that will bring some legitimacy to his character. If he’s made Samson's “follower”, who destroys his opponents for him, it could be an intriguing duo. Samson and Fulton could be pushed as a heel team in NXT, winning matches through dirty tactics (such as using Samson’s guitar as a weapon) and getting some heat from Samson’s impressive promo abilities.


8 No Way Jose and Rich Swann

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No Way Jose has been like a breath of fresh air at NXT ever since his sizzling debut, but he still looks a bit green in the ring and not ready as a singles superstar. Jose could revel in the Tag Team Division, and if WWE pairs him with another exciting dancer in Rich Swann, it could be a really entertaining team, capable of pulling off some cool moves. Both of them dancing their way to success could be really entertaining for the NXT fans, as Swann could also revel at the prospect of being put with the popular Jose. Swann is currently wrestling in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament but is expected to come to NXT after it’s over, and it would be perfect to have him start off in the tag team division, sizzling alongside someone like No Way Jose. Watching these two entertain with their delightful moves is almost assured to put both of them over at the end of the day, as they could also develop their characters and in-ring skills while together by training that much harder.


6 Buddy Murphy and Patrick Clark

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Ever since disbanding with Wesley Blake, Buddy Murphy has been trying to make it as a singles wrestler in NXT, which is overcrowded with amazing singles wrestlers. Murphy needs to begin from scratch and get back in the Tag Team Division, which is lacking fire-power right now. Murphy has been impressing in his singles matches (even though he often loses), and could be a good influence on Clark, who really hasn’t settled in well in NXT. They could begin as a heel tag team with Murphy bullying Clark whenever he doesn’t wrestle to his expectations, which could later trigger Clark to turn on Murphy and feud with him. Murphy's scumbag attitude needs to be brought back in the Tag Team Division and this team could be a unique one with unexpected success which could put over both these guys.



3 Andrade “Cien” Almas and Gran Metalik

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Andrade “Cien” Almas has been pushed as a pretty hot deal ever since his debut a couple months ago at NXT, but doesn’t seem to have reaped that much fan support. Cien looks sublime in the ring, but probably won’t survive in the jam-packed singles competition in the brand right now and could benefit from a tag team run. Cien’s agility and talent inside the ring could be complimented by the amazing Gran Metalik, who has been showing his incredible talent at the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Metalik is also likely to join NXT once his time at the CWC finishes, and the team of him and Cien could be really exciting with the assurance of sensational, high-flying wrestling guaranteed if these two are put together. There’s a lot of potential in Cien and Metalik, as both have a fast-paced, agile style that could be a real success in NXT, which can only improve from both their amazing ability. The imagination of the incredible moves that they could pull off as a team is unprecedented, as Cien and Metalik could both benefit hugely from this and become bigger stars because of their team-up.


1 Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

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Two of the biggest names in the history of TNA, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are now both in WWE NXT and are about to take it up a level. While Aries is the self-proclaimed “Greatest Man That Ever Lived,” Roode wants to make NXT “Glorious". Just the thought of these two amazing personalities together is goosebump-worthy; hopefully they would be just as good in NXT as they were together in TNA. Roode and Aries are probably not going to immediately be pitched into the NXT Title picture, and could unite to make for not only some amazing matches but also some great promo segments and entertaining stuff, which could build their characters to the best in the brand. Both of them have their own unique style of wrestling, and could develop into cocky, hated heels in no time if they were to team together. They could put over the Tag Team guys before moving onto the upper level, as well as improving their character’s reputation for being jerks and make for two proper bas guys in NXT, which is lacking in heels at the moment.

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