Monday’s Raw was a straight-forward push towards the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and there’s nothing wrong with that. With qualifying matches and an interesting twist to see who would enter the chamber last, the show was packed full of surprises that weren’t, in fact, all that surprising. Nonetheless, the show was strong and did a number of things well.

Bray Wyatt, Elias, Bayley, and The Miz walked away as the night’s biggest winners while Jason Jordan and The Revival could have had things go better for them. What made each one of these talents winners and losers?

Highlighted by some very strong showings in a couple quality matches and with a few feuds that look like they’re finally getting to something a bit meatier, Raw was an overall winner.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

When Bray Wyatt delivers an on-point promo he’s one of the best in the business. When he opened the show he quickly reminded fans that he won his last Elimination Chamber match and the WWE Championship. He needed to go through Roman Reigns to do so again and while it seemed obvious that probably wouldn’t happen, Wyatt still walked away a winner.

He had a strong match, his feud with Matt Hardy took a strong step forward and Wyatt will have another chance to get back into the Chamber with a second-chance match next week on Raw. These are the types of performances Wyatt needs.

Loser: Jason Jordan

He was left out of the tag team title match and replaced by Roman Reigns. He inadvertently cost the two members of The Shield the match and was sent home early by his father after seemingly embarrassing himself and compromising the integrity of Raw.

The good news here is that this seems to be the first real signs of Jason Jordan going heel and having a good reason to turn. The bad news is, it might be too late with rumors of a serious injury swirling around that could potentially derail everything that’s been invested into his character. Much of what Jordan does on TV is hard to watch and while he had a rough night, it was actually easy to feel some sympathy for him.


Winner: The Miz

He advanced to the Elimination Chamber with a win over Apollo Crews and this could be the start of a very big push for the Intercontinental Champion in the main event scene. The chances that he wins the match are slim but just placing him in the WWE Universal Title picture opens the door for The Miz and he’s all about opportunity.

His promo was another example of how good he is at telling a story and he made everyone believe, even if the odds are low, that a double champion is a possibility.

Loser: The Miz

Let’s ignore the results of the match or how good or bad it actually was and deal with the fact that a match of this nature should never have occurred. There are more than three entrants in the Chamber match and while the second-chance competitor can be overlooked, why are the others not allowed to compete for the chance to enter the Elimination Chamber last?

It’s one of those little things that at the end of the day few fans might notice but the idea is flawed and if one of these three goes on to win the Elimination Chamber match, there will be at least two competitors who have a legitimate gripe. Cue The Miz and his next whiny rant.

Winner: Bayley


In a variety of ways, both Banks and Bayley were winners and yes, Bayley lost her match to Asuka, but it was a great match. Bayley looked better than she’s looked in ages and she showed signs of what made her such a commodity in NXT. Outside of that, the first real glimpse of the feud that will be Bayley versus Sasha Banks started to peek through and it’s going to be a fan favorite when these two get down to the dirty stuff.

Their battles in NXT were legendary and there’s no reason to think Banks and Bayley can’t duplicate the chemistry if given the time by WWE to go with what makes them both fantastic performers. Did we mention Bayley’s match with Asuka on Monday was fantastic?


Loser: The Revival

It’s hard to describe the poor ideas that come out of the writing staff sometimes but this was one of those instances where you just wanted to hit your head against a wall. The WWE is trying to promote The Revival as tag team specialist from an era where being a “team” was everything. The idea is that in this respect, The Revival has a leg up.

So, why then, would the team come out, convince Finn Balor to make it a tag match to give The Revival the advantage only to lose? If the idea is to make The Revival believable, fans need to know they are actually the best “team” out there.

Winner: Elias


Despite the fact that the match to decide who enters the Chamber last wasn’t really fair, it was an interesting concept and Elias walked away the lucky winner. This is a huge moment for Elias and if WWE really wanted to put a spin on things, they’d go all the way with Elias’ popularity and have him win the Chamber match itself. The fans are behind him enough that it could work.

The reality is, WWE has Brock vs Roman on their minds and that’s likely how it plays out but Elias is at least providing a bit of doubt. Elias also had the crowd eating out of his hands again, so in that respect, it’s a win.

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