Raw Women vs SmackDown Women: Who’s More Attractive?

The ladies of WWE have finally been given the platform they deserve in the past few years, with the Women's Revolution being a success and the women being portrayed as legitimate wrestlers rather than the eye-candy divas of years past which WWE loved to push. Despite looks no longer being the main criteria, WWE only seems to hire the good-looking ladies and even if they don't look like the stereotypical divas when they initially arrive in the company, they adjust themselves to look extremely attractive.

After the brand extension was done last year, the ladies were divided into Raw and Smackdown, with each one having their individual title belts. Many women have received their opportunities to shine in the company ever since and it's quite close determining which brand of ladies did better. Not only in terms of their wrestling, but one wonders which brand has the better-looking ladies in the company as almost every WWE diva seems to be extremely attractive.

There are certain women who look better than others and in terms of the "Brand Wars", there can only be one which shines over the other. So let's have a look at the Raw and Smackdown women and see who's more attractive in the WWE.

20 SmackDown: Natalya


Natalya has finally been given the spotlight which she deserves for a long time, as the amazing wrestler has seemingly won over the WWE with her brilliant wrestling skills showcased over the years. The Smackdown Women's Champion wasn't so over in WWE a few years ago where she had the skills, but didn't have the looks of a "top diva" and she definitely worked on that aspect of herself. Natalya has seemingly become even more beautiful with each passing year and has become attractive enough to be given the main-event stage in Women's Wrestling at WWE, as her change has been astounding. Natalya looks extremely attractive nowadays and has been presenting herself with much grace to the audience, with the Queen of Harts' dedication to making herself into a stunning diva paying off amazingly well.

19 Raw: Bayley


Bayley has been a mixed bag after making the main roster jump to Monday Night Raw a year or so ago, as she's not really been received that well by the audience. Many fans don't really like her gimmick and even after getting her opportunities, she hasn't attained the popularity she had in NXT during her time as Women's Champion. Bayley has proven herself to be a compelling wrestler and has a gimmick which really appeals to the younger fans, but she's sometimes being thwarted for not looking "good enough" physically. But that is definitely not true as Bayley may not dress in a sexy way in WWE, but outside she's actually very beautiful. The former Raw Women's Champion is a really attractive woman who can look hot when she wants to and opposite to the fans' perception, she's actually a stunning individual.

18 SmackDown: Lana

"The Ravishing Russian" Lana has been a sight for sore eyes ever since appearing on the main roster as the manager of Rusev. She was this dominating, sadistic woman who ordered Rusev around before becoming his wife and there's something about her which the fans absolutely loved. Lana was a model prior to being signed to WWE and that can be noticed in her because she's just so beautiful. She has deserved her name of "The Ravishing Russian" because of how gorgeous she has looked for the past few years and she also has the "assets" and an amazing figure to make her look even more attractive. It's no surprise on why WWE push her as a manager, as that helps her show off her stunning looks which have swooned many a fan ever since she appeared on WWE TV.

17 Raw: Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks has to be one of the best female wrestlers to have arrived in the WWE in the past decade or so, as "The Boss" has shown herself to be a really good technical wrestler who elevated Women's Wrestling in the WWE. Banks has also transformed her into a really attractive woman as the years have passed by, as she initially didn't really have the looks to make it in the company and has since worked really to be that cool, hot character in WWE. Banks has quite the stunning figure and looks really sexy in her in-ring attire as she has made herself more attractive ever since her initial WWE days and is reaping the rewards as one of WWE's top women at the moment.

16 SmackDown: Charlotte

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Charlotte has been the "Queen of WWE" ever since making her way unto the main roster, as she won the RAW Women's Championship numerous times and asserted herself as the royalty of the Women's Division. The daughter of Ric Flair didn't really have the looks when she was dominating on NXT, but she definitely upped her game on the main roster where she focused on making herself look good to the audience. So Charlotte went through quite a stunning transformation which ended with her looking absolutely gorgeous whenever she steps through the ramps. Her beautiful looks, stunning figure and "assets" make her shine out from the rest and look extremely attractive to the fans. Charlotte does not only wrestle like royalty but has managed to make herself look like a Queen with her amazing transformation over the years.

15 Raw: Dana Brooke


Dana Brooke came into the main roster with much promise as she had the looks and the muscles of a very competitive diva and after impressing at NXT, many thought she could shine on Monday Night Raw. But she couldn't make herself stand out from the competition of the "Women's Revolution" in WWE and fell off the line behind the likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. She did well as Charlotte's valet but has since lost her way in Raw and hasn't appeared in quite a while too. Brooke was actually brought in by WWE for her looks, as she not only had the impressive muscles but she was actually pretty hot as well. Brooke had the "assets" to shine in WWE and is actually pretty good-looking as well, as some of her features make her stand out from the other ladies on the roster.

14 SmackDown: Carmella


"The Princess Of Staten Island" Carmella has been on quite a roll this year as she won the first ever Women's Money in the Bank match to become Miss Money In The Bank. Carmella has the opportunity of becoming Smackdown Women's Champion knocking on her door as she has really worked hard to earn this. Carmella is quite the sexy diva who has an amazingly toned figure and her stunning looks is a reason for WWE trusting and pushing her to the top as she has all the features of a top diva. Carmella is also very beautiful in real life and is made to look even better after being paired up with James Ellsworth, as all her upcoming success is not only due to her hard-work but her attractive looks which make her shine out from the rest.

13 Raw: Nia Jax

Nia Jax is definitely not like "most girls" as it says in her entrance theme and that's for a good reason, it's because she's bigger and stronger than any woman in the WWE. Nia has been this dominating woman in the WWE ever since stepping foot and has laid quite a lot of destruction in her path in the past few months. Despite being the heavy, monster-heel character, Jax is actually a very attractive person because of her past. Nia was actually a model before she decided to start wrestling and that can be noticed in her gorgeous looks. She has a beautiful face with many striking features and is absolutely stunning in terms of looks and despite being the big, powerful lady, Nia is actually one of the more attractive ones in WWE as well.

12 SmackDown: Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch had to work really hard to get a place in the WWE as she wrestled all over the world for many years before a call from NXT came along. She wasn't the best looking woman when she came to the company but WWE gave her time to change that and she definitely did so. Becky went through quite an astounding transformation after being signed by WWE as she not only worked on her figure but her looks as well. The inaugural Smackdown Women's Champion became this attractive, straight-fire lass who was loved by the fans for her Irish fighting mentality. Becky has transformed into this really gorgeous woman who is now not only known for her fighting skills in the ring but her stunning looks outside the squared circle as well.

11 Raw: Alicia Fox


Alicia Fox has been in the WWE for over a decade now as the pretty diva hasn't seen much action in recent months, but is doing a good job at keeping a place on Raw TV. She was involved with some romantic angles with the Cruiserweights a few months back and barely wrestlers on WWE TV nowadays. Something which has kept Fox in the company is probably her good-looks, as she has been looking stunning ever since arriving at WWE. Fox has quite the amazing figure, as her features really stand out to the audience. Fox has amazingly managed to keep herself over enough in WWE to be in the company for over 10 years, with this beautiful diva using her looks really well to retain a place in WWE and remain relevant even after the "Women's Revolution".

10 SmackDown: Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis return to the WWE wasn't as glorious as one would have hoped it to be, but it was still great to see the beautiful Maria back where she started off her wrestling journey. She returned with husband Mike Kanellis and while the two haven't really achieved much success in the WWE so far, fans must've been glad to see someone as gorgeous as Maria back on WWE TV. Maria is definitely one of the hottest women in the wrestling industry right now, but even apart from that, she's a really beautiful woman as well. She has an amazing figure with some stunning assets as well, but she looks absolutely dazzling when she decides to display her beauty. Maria may be gone from WWE TV for a while now as she's expecting a child with Mike, as fans will definitely miss watching this gorgeous woman on Smackdown.

9 Raw: Emma


When Emma initially made her way into WWE with her happy-go-lucky gimmick, she wasn't really seen as a good-looking woman as she was more of a fun, childish character. But when she transformed herself from a face to a heel, her real sexiness was shown to the audience as Emma worked really hard to make herself look hot to the fans. She worked on her figure and looks for quite a long time, as some of her photo-shoots show just how ridiculously hot she has become. Emma has an exquisite figure and amazing "assets" to back it up, as she is also very beautiful and has some striking features to her look. The Aussie may not be getting the opportunities she deserves, but she is definitely wooing audiences with her stunning looks.

8 SmackDown: Tamina


Tamina Snuka has been in the WWE for many years now as the power-house has mostly been the muscle of some other diva and is overdue on getting her own push. The daughter of the late Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka has the power of overthrowing most of the women in the WWE but has somehow never received her push despite being a stunning athlete. Tamina is also pretty good-looking and has seemingly become even better in the past few years, where she's developed herself into an ideal woman for WWE. It seems like the company is impressed by her hard-work as she's been getting a push of sorts in the past few months. While Tamina may not show off her looks in the ring, but in real life, she's actually pretty attractive despite having an intimidating look.

7 Raw: Maryse

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Maryse has been the most glamorous individual in the Women's Division ever since she returned as the valet of her husband, The Miz. The former Divas Champion left the WWE a few years back to look into other ventures but came back to help The Miz with his Intercontinental Title run as well as other things. She managed to dazzle everyone with her amazing looks, proving how amazing she can look even after being out of the WWE for so many years. Maryse has retained her attractive features as she's still absolutely gorgeous and also has a very hot figure as well. She may now gone from WWE TV for some-time as she's expecting a child with The Miz in a few months time, but fans will definitely wait for this ravishing woman to return with her beauty soon.

6 SmackDown: Naomi


Naomi has had quite the memorable 2017 as she finally got her push as well as her own WrestleMania moment when she won the Smackdown Women's Championship in front of her home crowd at WrestleMania 33. Naomi has always been an attractive woman, but she's seemingly upped her game in the past few years where she's really worked hard to make herself look more attractable to the audience. Naomi now looks really sexy with her stunning figure and "assets" shining out in her glow-filled entrance as she proved herself to have the looks of a top star in WWE. The former Smackdown Women's Champion has transformed herself into this gorgeous woman in WWE right now who can not only show some impressive moves but also wow the audience by making them "feel the glow".

5 Raw: Mickie James

Mickie James' return to the WWE has yet to catch fire, as she has seemingly been lost in the pack in the "Women's Revolution" in this new generation of WWE. James is a former multiple-time Women's Champion herself which is why it's surprising at how she's not a top star in the division right now, as her job seems to be putting over young talent. Despite being older than most of the women right now, Mickie still manages to look better than some of them as she looks absolutely stunning right now. She has maintained her figure amazingly and has quite the "assets" to back it up as well, as she looks well below what her actual age is. James may be the more "mature" woman in the Women's Division right now, but going by her attractive looks, she can still give all the divas a run for their money.

4 SmackDown: Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella may not be an active wrestler for WWE right now, but she's still apart of the company and under the Smackdown brand for which she last wrestled at WrestleMania 33. Bella has been doing some other ventures ever since tying the knot with John Cena at the grandest stage of them all and is using her looks to her advantage to get a place in the mainstream entertainment industry. Nikki's amazing looks is a reason for her success in WWE and outside it, as it was her stunning transformation which lead to a push to the top. Nikki's beautiful looks and amazing "assets" make her one of the hottest women in WWE and one can't help but admire how she has developed herself into this extremely attractive woman over the years.

3 Raw: Summer Rae


Summer Rae hasn't been on WWE TV for a long time as the beautiful diva has yet to find her footing after the Women's Revolution in WWE. She's still listed as part of the Raw brand, so she counts. Rae never really made it on the main roster as a wrestler as she was mostly a valet for others in the past, the most recent being Tyler Breeze a year or so ago. Since then, she's only been part of some matches on RAW and hasn't really had much of a place in the division. Despite being overlooked by the WWE, Rae is actually a stunning woman who is so gorgeous that she has been getting many offers to pose for magazines. She definitely has model-like features and is extremely attractive and despite not getting a place on WWE TV, Summer remains one of the hottest women in WWE.

2 SmackDown: Paige


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Paige has had her share of controversies this year with her explicit tape being leaked all over the internet, as everyone saw her in all her glory. Despite that unfortunate leak, Paige is loved by the fans because she's still a very good wrestler whom the fans want to make a comeback. It's rumored that the former Divas Champion will be on Smackdown Live once she is ready to return and the Blue brand will not only be getting one more potential top star, but also a very attractive lady. Paige is a really beautiful woman whose sexy, sultry features really stand out and make her look really attractive to anyone, as one can hope that she returns to the ring at her best shape and maintains that kinky, unpredictable vibe to herself.

1 Raw: Alexa Bliss


Ever Since she has become a champion in WWE, Alexa Bliss has termed herself as the "Goddess of WWE" and one can't really blame her for it because it is actually correct. Bliss has shown incredible improvement since her initial NXT days when she portrayed a happy-go-lucky character, with a vital heel turn doing all the goods for her. Bliss has won both the Smackdown Women's Championship and Raw Women's Championship after coming on the main roster and while her wrestling is compelling, her looks are irresistible. Alexa has transformed herself into a sexy, evil heel in WWE in the past year or so and looks absolutely incredible, which is why she's in such a good position. Her stunning figure, gorgeous looks, and amazing sexiness has catapulted her into the top of the Women's Division as we can't help but bow down to the Goddess.

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