RUMOR: Raw Women's Title To Change Hands Before Royal Rumble

Asuka may not have to compete in the upcoming women's Royal Rumble as she could be champion before the match even happens.

The first ever women's Royal Rumble match is fast approaching and on Raw this past week, General Manager Kurt Angle divulged how exactly the bout is going to work. The rules will be exactly the same as the long-running male equivalent of the match, as well they should be, and will also feature 30 participants meaning that a number of names from the past will likely be brought in to fill the match.

The other question hanging over the women's Royal Rumble was what the winner would get. Turns out it's exactly what you'd imagine, a Women's Championship shot at WrestleMania. With that confirmation, one of the first matches that likely sprang to many fans' minds was Asuka versus Alexa Bliss. However that match has now already taken place following this week's Raw.

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The Goddess of WWE and The Empress Of Tomorrow went one-on-one for the first time this week and it was naturally the latter who came off victorious, keeping her undefeated streak intact. The match was touted as being WrestleMania-worthy, but now we've already seen the bout it's hard to imagine that WWE don't have something different in mind. In fact Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer thinks Asuka may be champion before the Royal Rumble even arrives.


The wrestling journalist speculated after the match on Monday night that the Japanese Superstar may now get a shot at Bliss's Women's Title and that she will win the gold. Normally when a champion is beaten in a non-title contest the victor earns a shot at the championship, so it would make sense. Plus if the match does happen WWE likely wouldn't want Asuka's streak to come to an end quite yet.

If this is the plan then Asuka will of course not be a part of the 30 woman Royal Rumble match on Januray 28th, a match she has already declared that she will be a part of. That's not an issue of course and The Empress would likely take the title now rather than have to go through 29 other women just to get a shot at it if given the choice. If it does happen though, who would WWE put Asuka up against at WrestleMania 34 because chances are that's who will be ending her legendary streak?

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