Superstars React To Braun Strowman's Beatdown Of Kane And Lesnar

The closing moments of last week's Raw featured Kane and Brock Lesnar, and it wasn't exactly the most captivating segment ever put together. The timing was off from both men, plus the Superstars who came to pull them apart, and it led to the show ending on something of a flat note. The key missing ingredient? Braun Strowman.

The same mistake was not made this past Monday night on Raw as The Monster Among Men was included in the Universal Title segment. It was Strowman's inclusion that made it a moment fans won't soon forget. The former strongman blindsided Lesnar and Kane backstage, brutally attacking the two of them. Strowman then proceeded to use a grappling hook to pull a lighting truss down on top of the prone pair.


The attack by Strowman left The Beast Incarnate being carted out of the arena on a stretcher and Kane struggling to his feet looking in a pretty bad way. Raw's Resident Monster has since taken to Twitter reminding fans that he told them he would do things on his own terms. The statement is a call back to last week when Kane attempted to join forces with Strowman so that combined they could take out the Universal Champion.

Naturally Strowman wasn't the only man to react to his devastating attack on social media and The Monster also caught the attention of a certain WWE Hall of Famer. Mick Foley was clearly watching Raw and tweeted 'NO ONE moves furniture quite like Braun Strowman'. We'd hardly call lighting trusses and ambulances furniture Mick, but we know what you mean.


With just two more episodes of Raw left before all three of the aforementioned men clash for the Universal Championship, the Superstar with all the momentum at this moment in time is very much Braun Strowman. Considering the attack he unleashed on his two rivals that might stay that way as neither Lesnar nor Kane may recover in time to appear on Raw again before January 28th. With the 25th anniversary of WWE's flagship brand taking place six days before Royal Rumble though, you'd have to imagine that both The Beast and The Big Red Machine will exact their revenge on the landmark night.


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