5 REAL Injuries Shane McMahon Actually Suffered

The world knows Shane McMahon as a daredevil. He's got the guts to try anything and his matches, as infrequent as they are, often include spots that not every wrestler would dare try. Because of his desire to please the fans with the most memorable of moments, injuries come with the territory.

You can't jump off a 20-foot cell structure through a table and not feel it. As McMahon once said, "it's not the flight that hurts, it's the sudden stop." McMahon has fallen off stage sets, jumped off the top of near-40-ft trusses and been speared while in mid-flight. Every single one of these spots looked cool but left damage.

Here are five real injuries Shane McMahon has actually suffered.

5. Prior to the WWE - His Football Days

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Shane McMahon revealed in his interview with Mick Foley on the WWE Network that Vince McMahon, had to talk Shane out of going for a football career. McMahon was playing in school, had some skill and was looking to try his hand at something more than just playing for fun. After some serious issues with a knee, it was Vince who talked Shane out of playing football any longer.

Shane started spending more and more in the WWE, working ring crew and refereeing matches. It wasn't until later he got involved as an on-air talent, but his injury in football was a major factor.


4. Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon (King of the Ring 2001)

Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon fought at King of the Ring in a street fight and there was a spot planned for McMahon to go through a pane of glass located near the wrestler's entrance. The glass was supposed to be sugar glass that was easily broken. Someone screwed up and used safety glass instead. Needless to say, it didn't easily break.

Amazingly, McMahon wasn't concussed after he fell on his head when the glass didn't shatter but he was a little loopy and didn't hear referee Mike Chiodia relaying messages from Vince in the back to stop. By the time the match concluded, Shane required a ton of stitches and to this day, has scars. Also, Kurt Angle busted his tailbone and could barely throw McMahon through the glass to finish the spot. Vince McMahon was fuming mad because Shane went through the dangerous spots he did, but thought Shane was ignoring his orders after being too loopy to understand the cues from the ref.

3. Shane Jumps Of The Cell One

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At WrestleMania 32, McMahon was pegged to wrestle The Undertaker and everyone knew the moment of that match was going to be Shane-O Mac jumping off the top of the Hell in a Cell structure. Since many of the big stars could be on the show, WWE needed something WrestleMania moment worthy. That spot was it.

McMahon left that match with no major injuries but did have a couple bruised ribs and was extremely sore for some time. It was the fact that he wasn't seriously injured that likely made his decision to try the jump again nearly two years later possible.


2. Shane Takes A Roman Reigns Spear

The spot in question was a traditional Survivor Series match in 2016. McMahon was jumping off the top rope and Reigns caught him mid-air for a spear. The issue was that as McMahon landed he hit the mat with his head and his eyes glazed over (often a sign of a concussion). The referee visibly altered the count, and even Randy Orton went out of character to sneak out of the ring, then talk to McMahon's kids who were at ringside.

McMahon ended up with a mild concussion and was fortunately not seriously injured outside of that. It was one of those moves that, if not done with precision timing, could be dangerous. It wasn't done exactly as planned.

1. Shane Jumps Of The Cell Two

The reason for a list like this is the more recent Shane McMahon versus Kevin Owens match at Hell in a Cell. Both competitors went out of their way to deliver a match full of suspense and high spots that were seemingly dangerous.

When McMahon jumped off the cell, again, there were rumors he didn't escape as injury free as the first time. WWE.com reported Shane McMahon injured his neck, fractured his ribs, and dislocated his shoulder. We don't know if this is a work to sell the match or legitimate, but it would make sense he left with some damage.


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