10 Real Life Beefs From The Monday Night Wars That Still Exist Today

The Monday Night Wars created the best time for wrestling fans to follow the sport. Both WWE and WCW had major shows airing on Monday nights with plans to go after each other. Huge names in the industry jumped back and forth between promotions hoping to gain the top spots and make the most money. The time of tension and fighting for the biggest pay day led to many issues forming between wrestlers.

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WWE wrestlers developed issues with each other, WCW wrestlers played cutthroat politics to outdo the others and wrestlers from each company often had problems with the other. Despite almost two decades passing since the era ended, there are still some instances of wrestlers having issues today that started back then. Find out just which wrestlers can’t get over their problems with each other as we look at ten real-life beefs from the Monday Night Wars that still exist today.

10 Chris Jericho and Goldberg

Chris Jericho and Goldberg developed backstage issues with each other when working in WCW. The rising momentum of Jericho would see him cut promos calling out Goldberg, placing himself in a feud with a main eventer for the first time.

Jericho wanted Goldberg to squash him for the win, but Goldberg refused to even work a legitimate match. The tension between the two continued for years with a backstage fight when Goldberg worked for WWE in 2003. Jericho joked on his podcast that Goldberg was likely livid that his son wanted a photo with Jericho during Goldberg’s return in 2017.

9 Konnan and Vampiro

The tension between Konnan and Vampiro started in Mexico when both men were huge stars for AAA. WCW eventually signed them each to come over for singles runs. Vampiro and Konnan never got along as they always tried to undercut the other to get ahead.

The war of words would continue for many years and still exists today. Konnan has been critical of Vampiro in recent years for his work both on-screen and behind the scenes. The two have tried to utilize this feud to make money in AAA. Konnan, however, still views Vampiro negatively based off of comments on his podcast.

8 Vince Russo and Jim Cornette

The hatred between Vince Russo and Jim Cornette made them one of the most volatile pairs in wrestling history. Russo and Cornette started working together in WWE during the Monday Night Wars as Vince McMahon had both join the creative team.

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The vision of Russo eventually won out as he was named the lead writer for creative. Cornette vehemently opposed most ideas from Russo, causing issues between them. The war of words would grow when both men left WWE in the 2000s with harsh insults and threats still being exchanged today.

7 Bret Hart and Triple H

Bret Hart’s backstage rivalry with Shawn Michaels may have ended with them making peace, but some rivalries still exist. Triple H was the right-hand man and best friend of Michaels. Various WWE productions even featured him claiming to take responsibility for the idea of the Montreal Screwjob.

Hart held a grudge with Triple H throughout the years. Even though they work peacefully together whenever Hart appears on WWE television, Bret still delivers rants running down Triple H in interviews. Some of the criticisms include rating Triple H a 4 out of 10 as a wrestler and stating he shouldn’t run the future of WWE.

6 Kevin Nash and Bryan Clark

One unlikely combination of enemies in the Monday Night Wars would see Kevin Nash and Bryan Clark clash. The run of Clark would see him as one of many wrestlers to despise Nash, Shawn Michaels and the other members of the Kliq for holding down the rest out of the roster.

Clark would run into issues with Nash again in WCW. The character of Wrath created some momentum with a winning streak as a singles performer. Nash, however, ended that by defeating Wrath in a throwaway match on Nitro. Clark held a grudge, ripping apart Nash in interviews for years.

5 Sunny and Sable

WWE rarely hired women in the mid-90s, but Sunny and Sable even found major success to break out as personalities. The two ladies competing for the top spot led to them gaining personal issues with each other. Both had reputations for being divas backstage which helped inspire the term for the women’s division.

Sunny was the more vocal person, often trashing Sable in interviews for being a bad person backstage and not caring about the wrestling business. Sable passing Sunny in the pecking order created even more beef that was never once squashed.

4 Ken Shamrock and Nasty Boys

WWE acquired Ken Shamrock as one of the most important hires after he made the jump to wrestling from UFC. Shamrock already had a major beef with a couple of wrestlers on the WCW side of the Monday Night Wars. The Nasty Boys of Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags got into a brutal fight with Shamrock.

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Knobbs and Sags were harassing the friends of Shamrock leading to him calling them out. The Nasty Boys invited Shamrock to their hotel room to talk before sucker punching him. Shamrock was brutally attacked by the two wrestlers using their advantage. Interviews of Shamrock still feature him saying he’d love to have a fair fight with them again.

3 Ric Flair and Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner developed a disdain for Ric Flair during the 90s when the Monday Night Wars had everyone wanting to move up the card. The singles push of Steiner featured him playing an unpredictable character cutting shoot promos without a script.

Flair was one of the top targets of Steiner that called him out for using his power in WCW to hold down others. The two would exchange insults for many years. Steiner still goes after Flair along with his friends Triple H and Shawn Michaels as the beef has grown throughout the years.

2 Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo

WCW had one last chance to make a turnaround during the Monday Night Wars in 2000. The call would see both Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo get placed together to run WCW after each man fell out of favor on their own. They started the New Blood Era, which made things worse to the point of no return.

Bischoff and Russo struggled to work together as they didn’t like each other's ideas. Russo’s shoot promo insulting Hogan led to Bischoff refusing to continue working with Russo. The two personalities continued trashing each other for years and had another disaster trying to work together in TNA.

1 Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart

Hulk Hogan became the face of WCW and Bret Hart became the face of WWE during the early years of the Monday Night Wars. Hart was the one ready to jump ship in 1997 after Vince McMahon drove him out of the company towards the end of the Montreal Screwjob.

The run of Bret in WCW was a huge disappointment with him joining the New World Order as a sidekick to Hogan. Hart still holds a huge grudge with Hogan for trying to hurt his career multiple times. This is one wrestling beef from the Monday Night Wars with no end in sight.

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