Real or Fake? 15 WWE Stars Who Might Have Had Work Done

Image has a lot to do with success in WWE, which leads many stars to get work done. Which of these stars hasn't?

Women's Wrestling may have slowly taken steps to becoming a much more respective occupation in recent years, but there are still members of the WWE Universe who remember when being a female wrestler usually meant that you had to have breast enhancement surgery. Even though there are many stars in WWE right now who have opted against dramatically changing their looks just so that they can be pushed to the top of their division, there are still some women who have decided that surgery is the answer, even though sometimes it really isn't.

Many women like Trish Stratus, Sable and Stephanie McMahon have admitted that they have undergone surgery to enhance their assets in recent years because it was something that was much more acceptable in their era. But there are still many women who are not as forthcoming as this, so they have left the WWE Universe guessing if they have had some work done on more than one part of their body during their time in the spotlight.

The following list looks at 15 WWE stars, past and present who have kept us guessing as to whether or not they have had surgery at some point in their careers.

15 Kaitlyn


Kaitlyn came through WWE through the NXT setup, when she won the first all-female version of NXT back in 2010. Kaitlyn later went on to compete on the main roster, where she is a former Divas Champion, but she is a former Diva that will always divide opinion when it comes to the WWE Universe.

Kaitlyn was a bodybuilder before she came to WWE and it seems that her focus was always on her muscle mass and she was always seen as a much more domineering kind of female wrestler than the women that she competed against. Kaitlyn's appearance has changed dramatically over the past few years, and this has raised questions as to whether or not she has gone under the knife to enhance her already perfect body or not.

14 Paige


Paige has always been a superstar who has been considered controversial, she often went against the grain to ensure that she would always stand out, but back in 2016, Paige began to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Eagle-eyed WWE fans suspected that Paige had been away and had her chest enhanced as a way to continue to boost her already blossoming career, and this rumour then spread like wildfire on social media. Paige stated that she was just wearing a much better bra that was allowing her chest to look much better, but compared to photos of Paige on the Indy circuit from before she joined WWE, her chest has definitely grown, could it be a natural enhancement or has Paige secretly gone under the knife as well?

13 Beth Phoenix


Beth Phoenix is one of the most dominant female wrestlers of all time, she is a former Women's and Divas Champion in WWE and this year she became the youngest ever Hall of Famer when she was added to the 2017 class.

Beth was never one to show off her sexuality in the ring, she preferred to go for the strength approach and decided that she would become known for being a wrestler rather than a Diva like many of the women she worked with. Despite this, there was a number of rumours that Beth enhanced her chest early in her career to give her the added push, this seems to have been confirmed but now she's a mother, it is thought that she probably has had her implants removed.

12 Eve Torres


Eve Torres was the final winner of the 2007 Diva Search, WWE decided that after she had won the competition, they wouldn't be signing any more models to the promotion in the hopes that they could train them when they could create their own developmental brand and create the next generation of stars.

Eve Torres took to wrestling quite naturally and was in the ring on the main roster within a couple of months, later managing to become Divas Champion in her own right. Eve is another star that was the victim of a number of rumours when it came to whether or not her chest was natural or whether she decided to enhance it as her career began to hit a point where she thought she would need to look the part.

11 Jillian Hall


Jillian Hall was never really taken seriously as a wrestler in WWE, even when she was finally given the Divas Championship, it was taken away from her after a matter of minutes.

It seems that Jillian always wanted to make it to WWE and went to drastic measures to ensure that she was able to step into a Women's Division that relied heavily on looks. Jillian changed her hair colour, lost weight and even had her chest enhanced in the years she was with WWE with rumours later suggesting that she could have had her cheeks and lips augmented and her nose straightened too. It seems that the WWE Universe never saw the real Jillian, it's sad that she went to all that effort to become nothing more than a comedy act.

10 Eva Marie


Eva Marie is another female who was signed to WWE based on her looks and never really had any talent for wrestling. Eva drastically changed her appearance when she joined WWE in order to become The Red Queen and the leader of All Red Everything.

It is well-known that Eva Marie decided to enhance her chest a long time before she ever came to WWE and was put out fo action a few years ago when one of her implants burst and forced her to have surgery to correct it. Images that have surfaced of Eva from when she was much younger seem to point towards the fact that she may have had her nose surgically corrected at some point as well, even though this isn't something that Eva has actually confirmed or denied.

9 Lana


Lana has been on WWE's main roster for a number of years managing her husband Rusev but has only recently been thrust into the spotlight herself. Lana has since been another female wrestler that fans have looked at and decided that because of how circular her chest actually looks, she must have undergone enhancement surgery at some point.

Lana is a former actress and dancer and comes from a very athletic background, so it makes sense that if she was always trying to stay thin then she wouldn't have a very big chest. Looking through her Instagram posts from a number of years ago, there is definitely evidence that her chest has changed dramatically over the past few years, even though it's something that she has never actually admitted to.

8 Lita


It was well-known in Lita's era that there were a lot of female wrestlers who decided to enhance their assets in order to be taken seriously by WWE. Trish Stratus, Stephanie McMahon and Sable all followed this trend along with a number of other stars and it seems that Lita decided that it was something that she needed to do as well.

Towards the end of her career, Lita began wearing attire that showed off her chest and it became one of her best-known assets. Lita perhaps made the right decision to fit in with the way women were perceived in WWE at that time.  Lita has since become a WWE Hall of Famer and returned to the company as a commentator more than eleven years after she hung up her wrestling boots, so she must have done something right all those years ago.

7 Maryse


Maryse joins a whole host of other women who were only successful in WWE because they came through the Diva Search. Maryse's looks allowed her to climb the ranks in the company, so much so that she once held the record as the longest reigning Divas Champion before AJ Lee and Nikki Bella wiped her record out of the history books.

Maryse had quite a successful modelling career before she joined WWE and it is reported that she decided to have her assets enhanced long before she first appeared on WWE TV all those years ago. That being said, if Maryse is pregnant as she confirmed last week on Raw, she won't be needing implants to make her breasts bigger, so now would be the perfect time to have them removed.

6 Natalya


Natalya is easily the best female wrestler in WWE right now when it comes to technical ability, but she hasn't been given as many opportunities as the other women who have been promoted and demoted from the roster in the decade that she has been with the company.

Natalya has changed her look a number of times during her time in WWE, and a few years ago there were rumours that Natalya had decided to have a nose job after an injury in the ring. It is thought that whilst she was there, Natalya decided to have other parts of her enhanced as well, in the hope that it would help to push her WWE career in the right direction. Since she is currently SmackDown Women's Champion, it seems to have worked.

5 Dana Brooke


The current Raw superstar has been the victim of a lot of abuse from the WWE Universe after she was promoted to the main roster but didn't seem to have improved in the ring as much as she should have at this point in her career after spending more than four years in WWE.

It seems that the spotlight is much more focused on female stars when they are promoted to the main roster, and this is why Dana has come into many discussions when it comes to whether or not she has gone under the knife. Dana is thought to have had her chest enhanced as well as undergoing numerous procedures that include Botox injections in her face, which could be why she has become the victim of a number of humorous memes that have been made by WWE fans in recent months.

4 Alexa Bliss


Alexa Bliss made her own fair share of history in WWE over the past few years so much so that it seems that she could have overtaken Sasha Banks as the most popular women's wrestlers in WWE right now.

Alexa may not be a standout candidate when fans think about the women throughout history who have decided to have their chests enhanced. That being said, not all enhancements have to be noticeable. This means that many fans think that Alexa could have gone under the knife to have her chest firmed up a little bit and to make it look much more in proportion when it comes to her new figure following her time as a bodybuilder before she decided to make the switch over to life as a WWE superstar.

3 Charlotte


The former four-time Raw Women's Champion has made quite a name for herself over the past few years, to the point where many of the WWE Universe argue that Charlotte could well be one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Charlotte is another history maker when it comes to the women's division and one of the standout stars of the Four Horsewomen who were born on NXT.

Charlotte doesn't exactly look like the kind of female wrestler that would need to have her chest enhanced in order to be taken seriously as a performer, but it seems that even Ric Flair's daughter has had her chest enhanced despite being one of the most talented wrestlers in the company right now. Charlotte's decision was definitely a cosmetic one, but it's one that she made with her future career in mind.

2 Mickie James


Mickie James is widely considered to be one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, and the only woman who has held the WWE Women's and Divas Championships as well as the TNA Knockout's Championship a number of times.

Mickie returned to WWE earlier this year looking as incredible as she always has despite being a veteran of the business. Mickie reportedly had a few problems when she returned to WWE when one of her implants burst at a WWE Live Event and she was forced out of action for a number of weeks. There were a number of rumours that suggested that Mickie had her chest enhanced, but this was the first piece of concrete evidence that proved that Mickie had followed in the footsteps of many of the other women of her era.

1 Emma


WWE first tried to sexualise Emma's character when they tried to turn her into Emmalina earlier this year. When the company decided that this wasn't working, they instead allowed her to turn back into the Emma character that made her popular on NXT.

One notable change about Emma is the size of her chest. It seems that WWE focused on this throughout the build-up to her debut as the Emmalina character and there is a definite improvement in their size since her early days in NXT. This isn't something that Emma has ever discussed publicly, so it seems that it's up in the air right now as to whether or not Emma found the need to make her chest bigger in order to stand out above the competition in WWE.

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