Realest Guys In The Room: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Enzo And Cass

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy burst onto the scene in WWE a year ago when they were chosen to take on The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championships at last the RoadBlock event.

This was the first time an NXT Championship had been defended at a main roster event and even though they were unsuccessful, it was obvious that they were set for a main event call-up in the coming months.

The duo was called up following WrestleMania, but it was decided that Carmella wouldn't be joining her two Certified G's on the Raw roster. Instead she would continue to work down in NXT in the Women's Division.

Enzo and Cass are yet to hold any kind of championship in their year on the main roster, but they have become one of the most popular tag teams and had the opportunity to wrestle some of the biggest stars in the company.

There are still rumors that these two could be split up in the near future, so here are 15 facts about the popular duo, before it's too late.

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16 Enzo Amore Is Dating Liv Morgan

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The entire WWE Universe is now aware that Big Cass is dating SmackDown Live star Carmella. They flaunt their relationship on Social Media and were even part of Breaking Ground together, but Enzo Amore is much more secretive about his personal life.

Enzo has been dating NXT Women's wrestler Liv Morgan for a few months now, and while the couple hasn't declared this publicly, it is easy to see how they ended up together. It is also reported that it was Enzo who actually got Liv her tryout in WWE that was how they originally bonded. Enzo has commented many times on how he didn't want to be in a relationship until he was 28-years-old because he was busy exploring. It seems Liv was the one to finally end his searching.

15 Enzo Is Scared Of Drinking Beer

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Enzo is actually afraid of drinking beer. This is for the simplest of reasons and he has mentioned many times that he avoids it because he has to take his shirt off on TV. He says he likes to drink beer but it isn't the best choice because of the fact that he could gain weight.

He has stated that he enjoys drinking and that whiskey and bourbon are his go to drinks. He has had to begin looking at the healthier options since his rise in WWE and now he is forced to drink Merlot, something that he used to bully Cass for drinking. Cass himself said that the first thing he does when he walks into a bar is order a shot of whiskey and a Bud Light.

14 They Travel With Kevin Owens

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It seems that the Brand Split worked out well for Enzo and Cass since they ended up on the Raw brand along with long time friend Kevin Owens. The Universal Champion and the two former NXT stars traveled together all the time during their NXT days and it seems that has continued since their main roster call-up, even though they were called up at different times.

They stated in an interview that they love riding with Owens because all they do is talk about wrestling and talk about fantasy booking the company they work for, for as long as it takes to get to venues for the next show. Kevin Owens is always the person who drives while Big Cass has to ride shotgun because of his size and Enzo is relegated to the back seat.

13 Enzo’s Motto In Life

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Enzo has always stood out in WWE because of his unique character and it seems that he has a unique perspective to go with this as well. Enzo has a motto that he seemingly lives by "If you don't go into every situation trying to see exactly how much you can get away with, you'll never realize how truly brilliant this life is."

Enzo and Cass described their characters as very similar to themselves; like a big brother protecting his little brother. Cass said that while Enzo annoys him he's the only one who is allowed to mess with him. If anyone else tries to mess with Enzo then he has to step in and protect him. This is why their friendship works so well, because they have a great dynamic between them.

12 When Enzo Broke His Leg In NXT

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Back when Enzo was coming through the early years of NXT he suffered a broken leg in training and was forced out of action for a while so it could heal. This part of the story was well known, what wasn't known as the saga that followed his broken leg.

Enzo at first didn't sell the leg break at all so many of the wrestlers didn't actually believe it. Then they wanted to call an ambulance but Enzo refused and decided that he would go in a car instead. Braun Strowman then carried Enzo out to the car before he arrived at the hospital. There, they told Enzo that they had no anesthetic but being the hardcore wrestler that he was he decided to have his leg bone broken and realigned without any pain medication. He then went out for food and Cass was forced to carry him up two flights of stairs and put him to bed afterward.

11 Enzo Has A Degree In Journalism

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As shocking as it actually is, Enzo Amore actually has a degree in Journalism. He states that he has never read an actual book, though, something that is being debated a lot with the WWE Universe, but it actually seems that the Certified G is smart.

Enzo didn't get the degree so that he could go on to write for newspapers and it seems that he is still yet to actually use it. But he has mentioned that when he was at school he did work for the school newspaper. It's hard to imagine someone like Enzo being tied to a desk and working as a writer, but if his promos are anything to go by, it seems that some of his writing could actually be worth reading.

10 Enzo And Cass Met Before They Were Teamed Together

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Enzo and Cass claim that they never actually met until Enzo was sent down to FCW for his WWE tryout. Cass then recognized him from a football clip that had gone viral where Enzo had German Suplex'd a fellow player and then cut a promo on him.

The two chatted about this and then realized that they had actually met each other before when they were shooting hoops on a well-known basketball court in New York. It seems that they hit it off straight away and Cass stated that he knew the minute he heard Enzo cut a promo he knew he was going to go on to be a huge WWE star. He stated that he was happy when he was paired with him because they were already friends.

9 Cass And Enzo Went To A Yankees Game After Enzo Was Signed

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When talking about his first impressions of Enzo Amore, Big Cass mentioned that he had already been down in FCW for a year at this point and when Enzo walked through the door it already seemed that there was a lot of heat on him, mostly because of the way he looked and dressed.

No one had seen Enzo in the ring, but when they all had promo class together, this was when Enzo truly excelled. Cass then realized that he needed to be signed by WWE because he was going to be big one day and he really wanted to be partnered with him. After WWE signed him both Enzo and Cass went out to a Yankees game together and apparently got along from the beginning.

8 Cass Had An Eight Inch Growth Spurt In College

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Big Cass and Enzo may have met on a basketball court, but Cass has stated that he wasn't actually very good despite his size. Cass was five feet 5'8" until the summer between his sophomore and junior year, where he grew an incredible eight inches.

He said that when he returned to school after the summer holidays many people, including many of his friends couldn't believe how much he had grown. When he first began playing basketball he was so much smaller and not much of a threat, but by the time he entered college a few years later, he had grown an entire foot. That must have caused him some serious back problems, but it's still an incredible thing to be able to grow that much in such a short amount of time.

7 Enzo's Promo Pages

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Even though Enzo doesn't read books, it seems that he has actually written a book. He stated that he has written a thousand pages worth of promos and he keeps it with him at all times. Even though Enzo was kicked out of school at a young age for what he claims as 'being too awesome' he has still managed to go on to gain a degree but he said he skipped a lot of corners.

Enzo had a storied football career and many other jobs ahead of his time in WWE but his creativity always comes through his character and it seems that he writes all his own promos. Obviously, he has to get the go-ahead for much of his stuff before it's used on TV. It is interesting to see him putting his degree to good use.


5 Cass Was Pre-Med

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It seems that Colin Cassidy also leads a double life as well since he was training to become a doctor before he was seduced by the wrestling business. Cass got through years of college and training so that he could finally live his dream of being a doctor, then he had a realization that this wasn't what he wanted to do.

It seems that even though Cass had said that he always wanted to be a doctor, he realized that when he was studying for his Medical College Admission Test that his heart was no longer in it. He said that his parents always wanted him to go to medical school and he knew that he was disappointing them, but there was no way he could have handed another four years of that.

4 Enzo Impressed Triple H Ahead Of His WWE Tryout

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Enzo had been training with Joe DeFranco for a few months before Joe came over to him and told him that a man named Paul Levesque had called him and wanted him to train him. Joe didn't know who he was and so Enzo explained and Joe took him on as a client.

Enzo then recorded as much footage of him training as he could over the next few years to send to Triple H. It seems that the boss was impressed because he rang Enzo and offered him a WWE tryout at FCW. Enzo had never trained as a wrestler before but somehow he managed to nail his tryout. After he was given the chance to cut a promo, Dusty Rhodes said that he would put in a good word for him because he thought he had potential.

3 Cass Actually Signed With WWE In 2011

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Even though Big Cass has been making an impact in WWE now for around three years, he was actually signed to WWE and sent to their FCW training facility back in 2011. Cass hadn't had a lot of wrestling training at this point, but he was the right size to be able to have a lot of success in WWE on their main roster.

It was down in FCW that Cass and Enzo first met and first began working together before they were paired in NXT. But it's shocking to know that Cass was part of the company, training and working his way up before he was given a chance to go on TV. It shows how much hard work he did put in when it comes to his in-ring skills.

2 Enzo Had Many Jobs Before Signing With WWE

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One thing that is quite well known about Enzo is the fact that he has seemingly done it all. Before he was signed to WWE, Enzo had a short football career that ended much too soon. He then moved on to being a DJ in New York City before becoming a piano mover and actually managing to break one of Alicia Keys' pianos before a concert.

One of the best-known jobs that Enzo had was when he became a manager at Hooters. It seems that even though he has had many jobs over the past few years, he was working his way up to something he really wanted to do, and wrestling may well be that. After all, he has already been doing it for five years.

1 Enzo And Cass Are Best Friends Inside And Outside Of The Ring

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Even though it seems that Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens are the 'best friends' that WWE is currently pushing, Enzo and Cass are best friends in real life. They do everything together and at one point they even lived together.

They travel together and they get to work together on-screen as well. Cass has explained how close he is to Enzo and stated that he's like a little brother. Since they clicked the first time they met, it seems that they have been friends now for the past five years. Their bond was evident when Enzo was injured last year and Cass was shown backstage crying about him. It was evidently an emotional time for the seven foot giant, but luckily Enzo just had a mild concussion and he turned out to be OK.

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