Reason Behind The Miz Winning Back I.C. Title

As seen on SmackDown Live last night, WWE made the decision to give The Miz the Intercontinental Championship merely days before Survivor Series and leave Dolph Ziggler without a match at the event.

This is just a clever way of WWE then having a heel versus face match between Sami Zayn and The Miz on Sunday night and Zayn then winning to take the title over to Raw. It seems that it was always the plan to put the title on Zayn, because he could then make the switch back over to SmackDown.

Does this mean that the Cruiserweight Division is staying on Raw, or could SmackDown end up with all the titles? It is making the Intercontinental Championship a hot potato either way, but at least it means that Sami Zayn will win his first main roster title.

As regards to The Miz and Daniel Bryan's recent altercations, it seems that even though Bryan has threatened to trade Miz, The A-Lister is set to remain on SmackDown, and there are no plans for him to head over to Monday nights.

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