Mick Foley & Mauro Ranallo Left WWE For The Same FRUSTRATING Reason

A recent report suggests that both Mauro Ranallo and Mick Foley left WWE for the same reason, and that's why the former will never jump back to the main roster.

WWE commentator Mauro Ranallo took a leave of absence earlier this year, and there were reports that he and the company parted ways. However, Ranallo agreed to a new contract and became the lead announcer on the NXT brand.

However, many fans may be wondering why Ranallo hasn't appeared on SmackDown - where he became the lead voice in Dec. 2015. Of course, many recall the reports of Ranallo originally leaving WWE amidst bullying allegations against John Bradshaw Layfield. But according to PWInsider.com, JBL isn't the reason why Ranallo hasn't rejoined the SmackDown brand.

He reports that "Mauro only agreed to come back to work NXT and to work under Triple H," and "the situation wasn't about JBL himself." On top of that, PWInsider believes that his decision is more about how the show produces "the announcers are produced on the main roster," which he claims is why Mick Foley left the WWE as Raw general manager.

Ranallo took a leave of absence earlier in the new year, with reports of him fighting depression while being bullied by JBL—who went as far as to blocking Ranallo supporters on Twitter.


The reports caused a major controversy, as JBL has a long history of allegedly bullying fellow wrestlers and other co-workers. Nonetheless, Ranallo was able to strike a new deal with the WWE and appears to be at peace with his current role on NXT.

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The SmackDown announcing team now consists of Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton. Back in September, JBL opted to leave the SmackDown broadcasting team, as he announcing that he wanted to focus more on charity work for at-risk youths.

Despite JBL's departure, Ranallo hasn't opted to come back to the main event, but PWInsider was able to give us the insight why, and it makes much more sense. Here's hoping Ranallo is comfortable where he is because nobody deserves to be bullied while at work.


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