5 Reasons Why Batista Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

While the WWE is still ways away from announcing the 2018 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame, there is some rumbling that Dave Bautista (Batista) is being considered as a headliner for the next group of inductees.

While Batista is a huge star, it's an interesting bit of news considering just how vocal he's been about his displeasure with many things the company has done of late regarding the business, his role in it, and how they've treated some of his closest friends. Still, as a huge star, Batista is making waves in the mainstream media and is definitely worthy of the Hall of Fame at some point.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Batista Should Be In The Hall Of Fame sooner than later.

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5. His Legacy in WWE

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Others have been known as better in-ring performers, but Batista is not one that's been widely regarded as a poor wrestler by any stretch. He had the size and look to be a major star, but he was able to back up a lot of his talk in the ring. He started as a sidekick to Deacon D-Von and turned that into a role in Evolution alongside Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton. He cemented himself as a champion in the company and was a major draw for many years.

Unlike some big guys in the business who clearly couldn't wrestle, Batista might not have been the best big man ever, but he was pretty good.


4. His Celebrity Outside WWE

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While many believe that making it into the Hall of Fame should be an accomplishment achieved thanks to one's time inside the ring as a WWE talent, everyone knows that the company looks to those outside the company to make the list of Hall of Famers more appealing to a wider audience.

Batista offers the best of both worlds. Now a huge star outside the WWE, his budding Hollywood career is a major plus for the WWE, and they'd like to take advantage of his being in the mainstream. Letting in Drax the Destroyer is almost as big a deal as letting in Batista.


3. His Industry Accomplishments

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Here's how Batista's resume in wrestling reads. OVW Heavyweight Champion, Most Improved Wrestler of the Year 2005 (PWI), Wrestler of the Year 2005 (ranked number one on PWI's Top 500 Wrestlers list), Four-Time, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Three-Time World Tag Team Champion, Two-Time WWE Champion, WWE Tag Champion, Royal Rumble Winner in 2005 and 2014.

Clearly, anyone with a resume who reads like this deserves consideration and probably an automatic nod into the Hall of Fame.

2. His Friendship With Triple H

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This may be less of a reason he deserves consideration, but more of a reason he'll get the nod. Triple H is clearly a driving force behind the WWE Hall of Fame these days. He's responsible for getting The Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, and others in when the WWE refused to bring them in before. He's also a big factor in what might consider early nods for guys like Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Triple H and Batista are buddies, and even though Batista isn't always pro-WWE, that goes a long way in terms of getting you in before others who might be more deserving.

1. His Attitude

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There is something attractive about putting in a guy who doesn't give two $h!t$ about being in the Hall of Fame. Batista would probably be thankful and humble, but if he doesn't get in, he probably won't lose sleep. The WWE seems to want that kind of guy more than talents who clearly demonstrate a desire to be accepted.

So too, there are so many guys in the Hall of Fame now who don't necessarily deserve a spot (at least compared to Batista's accomplishments). It would be downright rude not to include him if you're going to give spots to guys like The Godfather or Drew Carrey. If you didn't, he'd let everyone know.

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