5 Reasons Why Braun Strowman Could Beat Brock Lesnar At No Mercy

The match between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman is shaping up to be a huge happening. Strowman appears to have the number of "The Beast" but the WWE Universe would be foolish to count out the most dominant athlete to grace the WWE in years.

We previously listed a few reason we felt Brock Lesnar was going to go over in their contest at No Mercy, but what if we were wrong? The way Strowman has handled his opponent this Sunday so far, maybe the most obvious result is the correct one.

We may have picked Lesnar, but the fact is, Strowman is the favorite and there is every chance he'll be crowned the new WWE Universal Champion come Sunday night.

Here are Five Why Braun Strowman Could Beat Brock Lesnar At No Mercy.

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5. He's Huge!

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Perhaps you haven't noticed, but Braun Strowman is massive. And, it's not just that he's big, he's agile, and getting more diverse in his offensive attack every day. Someone this big and dominant should be the favorite in any match and this match is no exception.

The way Strowman has always left with the upper hand in every meeting between these two, why should anyone assume the outcome at No Mercy will be any different? We chose Lesnar before because we figured he was due. Maybe being due doesn't matter. He has to get by the "Monster Among Men" first.


4. Goldberg Beat Lesnar

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Prior to Goldberg dispatching of Lesnar in mere seconds, everyone believed Lesnar was unbeatable. In fact, they thought Lesnar was unshakeable. Goldberg proved "The Beast" is just a man and a man can not only be beaten, but he can be decisively beaten.

If you put Goldberg in a match with Strowman, most of us would pick Strowman. That logically means that Strowman should beat Lesnar. Now that we know Lesnar can be defeated, it might make sense that his toughest opponent to date is the guy to take the belt from him.


3. Never Been To Suplex City

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Braun Strowman is the only guy who's never been to Suplex City. The moment Lesnar tried, Strowman simply stood up and then decimated "The Beast". The fact that Strowman doesn't appear to be shaken by a move that destroys everyone else suggests that Lesnar will have to deliver 10, maybe 20 suplexes to Strowman to earn a victory here. Is that really possible?

Remember the first item on our list, Strowman is huge. Delivering that many suplexes will not be an easy task.


2. Full-Time WWE Superstar

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There is always going to be that argument that Lesnar being a part-time WWE Superstar means he shouldn't be holding the Universal Title. It hasn't been a huge issue as of late because Lesnar has appeared on television, but what happens if he goes away again for a while? Wouldn't it make more sense to give your belt to a WWE Superstar who can appear each week on the show?

As long as Lesnar remains part-time, there will be these questions, and maybe Strowman as champ gives a window of time for him to take on another challenger only for Lesnar to return down the road and demand a rematch.

1. The Future Of The WWE

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Raise your hand if you think Braun Strowman is the future of the WWE. We did, and we'll bet a lot of people did too. This is despite the fact that on the same card, the WWE is actually playing out a storyline with John Cena and Roman Reigns that is over who is going to take the helm of the WWE moving forward.

As much as Reigns might be labeled "the guy", we believe Strowman has as much right to the label now as anyone and if the future is Strowman, perhaps giving him the rub now is the way to go.

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