3 Reasons Why Team Raw Should Win (And 3 Why SmackDown Will Instead)

This year's Survivor Series event will be highlighted by the 5-on-5 interbrand elimination match. Team Raw features Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Triple H. They'll go up against Team SmackDown, featuring Shane McMahon, Bobby Roode, John Cena, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Last year, Team SmackDown emerged victorious, as Orton and Bray Wyatt remained the only men standing after last eliminating Roman Reigns. SmackDown will look to win in back-to-back years, and there is plenty of reason for the creative team to hand Shane O'Mac's squad another victory.

However, Team Raw is also deserving of a victory, and it can set up nicely for some future storylines. So are you donning the red or blue this Sunday? Here are three reasons why each side should win.

6. Raw: Losing Twice Hurts The Brand

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Try to argue it all you want, but Monday Night Raw remains the WWE's top weekly program, and that's not going to change anytime soon. So it doesn't make sense for them to lose for the second consecutive year.

A loss will strongly hurt Raw, and make SmackDown look like the much better and more dominant brand - especially when you consider they struck first by taking Raw "under siege" just weeks ago.

Raw remains the bigger brand, and it's safe to argue they're more star-filled than SmackDown. It just makes them look so much weaker if they lose this match once again.

5. SmackDown: Jason Jordan's Betrayal?

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Kurt Angle's storyline son has had troubles getting over with the crowd, much like Roman Reigns. Jason Jordan brings terrific in-ring ability, but the fans are often booing and rejecting Jordan. He was pulled from Team Raw (after being "injured" by Bray Wyatt), and was replaced with Triple H.

But this could all be part of a major coup for Jordan. Last week, Dave Melzter of Wrestling Observer Radio reported that WWE is considering having Jordan betray Team Raw and cost them the match.


This would be huge for Jordan's character and could give this young, talented superstar plenty of momentum. If he costs his father and Team Raw the match, Jordan could pull an epic heel turn and finally become a main event-caliber star.

4. Raw: Could Set Up New SmackDown Storylines

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Is it just me, or has SmackDown been fairly bland lately? We can all agree that Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship reign wasn't all that spectacular and almost a waste of time. While WWE has pushed him as its main star, major talents like A.J. Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens took a back seat and lost valuable momentum.

My point being, SmackDown needs some major shakeups in storyline. If Raw wins, we could see a number of SmackDown stars turning on each other. It's possible there's a major betrayal from someone on the blue brand, too.

Team SmackDown is loaded with stars. You could have Cena and Orton rekindling their rivalry, or one of them finally feuding with Shane O'Mac. You could find a way to set up Nakamura and Roode feuding with each other. The possibilities are endless here.

A Raw victory will lead to new rivalries and storylines on SmackDown,which is exactly what they need.

3. SmackDown: Get Roode/Nakamura Over

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Shinsuke Nakamura was once the top superstar in NXT. Expectations were naturally sky-high when he debuted on SmackDown, but it's safe to say that the creative team as used him...horribly.

Nakamura has been put under none other than Jinder Mahal, and it seems like Vince McMahon doesn't see him as a big deal. As for Bobby Roode, he's also too talented to be stick as a mid-card wrestler. Time to move him up.


SmackDown needs these two stars to start becoming more relevant - and it's up to the writers to do that. If they can set up Nakamura and/or Roode to play huge roles in propelling SmackDown to victory, it could finally help these two stars gain plenty of momentum. After all, why should Cena, Orton and McMahon lead SmackDown when they have nothing to prove at this point?

2. Raw: Kurt Angle Keeps His Job

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Stephanie McMahon returned to Raw two weeks ago and warned Kurt Angle that he would be fired as GM if SmackDown emerged victorious once again. Let's be honest, nobody wants the Olympic gold medalist to be fired.

Unlike Mick Foley, Angle has the ideal personality, charisma and microphone skills that make him a great GM. It wouldn't make sense for his run to end in already short timing. There is no replacing Angle right now.

And that is why Raw has to win. Nobody wants Angle fired.

1. SmackDown: Gaining More Relevancy

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As mentioned earlier, Raw remains the most relevant, dominant and popular brand in the WWE. SmackDown has had its moments under Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan's leadership, but there's simply no competing with Raw in terms of ratings and popularity right now.

It's hard to top the red brand as they have all three members of The Shield, Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and a Hall of Famer as its GM.

Does Raw need this win as much as SmackDown? Probably not. They have the majority of elite talent and still crush the ratings battle. But Shane O'Mac's team could use this win more; it would make them seem a lot stronger, and much more dominant and relevant.


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