5 Reasons Why The Shield Vs The New Day NEEDS To Happen

Raw ended with a bang when it came to a close in Manchester this past Monday night. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were busy defending their Tag Team Championships against Sheamus and Cesaro when they were rudely interrupted by SmackDown Live's The New Day. The trio appeared among the WWE Universe in the stands and began putting down the Raw roster, also claiming that the red brand was about to be under siege for the second time. That led to the show's General Manager Kurt Angle hurriedly gathering up as many Superstars as he could to surround the ring ready for another attack. It never came through and instead, Sheamus Brogue Kicked The Architect and picked up the win and the titles. That has led to the WWE Universe believing that a Shield vs New Day match is on the cards, and here's why that face off has to happen.

5. New Day Cost Rollins And Ambrose The Titles

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Before Monday night, The Shield had absolutely no reason to want to face the New Day at Survivor Series or anytime in the near future for that matter. Then, whether they meant it or not, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E caused The Architect and The Lunatic to lose their Tag Team Championships. The New Day's actions will likely even put a potential rematch between The Shield and The Bar on hold as The Hounds Of Justice pursue revenge against the SmackDown Live stars. Rollins and Ambrose held those belts since defeating The Bar at SummerSlam, and now The New Day left their waists title-less. Rest assured the blue brand threesome will not go unpunished for what they've done.


4. WWE Took The Usos Match From Us

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Survivor Series will not just be about the traditional elimination tag team matches. It will also feature matches pitting Raw's champions against SmackDown Live's title holders. Perhaps the most anticipated match on the card was Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose going up against the blue brand's Tag Team Champs, Jimmy and Jey Uso. Well, now that Rollins and Ambrose are no longer champions that match will not be taking place. Instead, Sheamus and Cesaro will take on The Usos, and while it will likely be a good match, it doesn't quite have the appeal of the bout it's replacing. The New Day versus The Shield, on the other hand, most definitely does fit the bill, and is a great replacement for the match we were all looking forward to.


3. Roman Reigns Isn't On The Show

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There are an awful lot of big names on the Survivor Series card on Nov. 19, 2017. Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and even John Cena have been added to the card. However, there is still one big name that has nothing to do when Raw and SmackDown Live collide, Roman Reigns. The Big Dog has been off sick with a virus, and that has likely thrown a spanner in the works for whatever WWE had planned for him at Survivor Series. Rumor has it that Reigns was supposed to be a part of Team Raw. Well, now all five of those spots are taken and Reigns needs something to do. On top of all that, the WWE Universe is still eagerly awaiting the real Shield reunion we were promised at TLC. Putting The Hounds of Justice up against New Day in a week and a half is the perfect way for WWE to kill two birds with one stone.


2. There's Nothing Else For The Six Guys To Do

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Before Raw this past Monday, the only Superstars who will be involved in the potential New Day versus Shield match that had anything to do at Survivor Series were Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. They were all set to do battle with The Usos while Roman Reigns and The New Day were set to be left off the card. In the eyes of WWE, that would not do of course, and they needed to come up with a plan to remedy that. Now, after Raw came to a close While it hasn't officially been booked at the time of typing this you can pretty much rest assured that The New Day versus The Shield will be added to the Survivor Series card and now all six men have something to do in Houston next Sunday.


1. They've Never Fought Before

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This one is pretty hard to believe, but there has never been a Shield vs New Day match in WWE. Considering these two factions may be the most iconic and popular three-man teams in the modern era, it seems crazy that there has never been a six-man tag match involving all of these stars. There's a simple reason for that though. This is the first time in WWE history that both teams existed at the same time. It may feel like The New Day have been around forever, but they actually didn't form until the summer of 2014. Seth Rollins turned his back on The Shield just two months before that. It's almost as if the SmackDown Live trio took up the mantle of WWE's top three-man team after The Shield first dissolved. Well, now they're back and at Survivor Series we will hopefully get to see who is really the better team.


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