Why Jon Jones Should Forget UFC And Cash In On A WWE Run

Why Jon Jones should ditch UFC for WWE. Not long ago, it was revealed that Jon 'Bones' Jones 'B' sample has tested positive for the same substance that his 'A' sample tested positive for. To put it simply, there were what are perceived as performance-enhancing drugs present in both samples. Those in Jones's camp continue to defend the now former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion's corner, claiming that the whole situation must be a "straight set up" as it would make 'zero sense' for the fighter to have taken the steroids at the time he would have needed to for him to test positive in these tests. Whether that is the case or not, it doesn't look good for Jon Jones. What's a real shame about all of this is that the potentially intriguing fight between Jones and Brock Lesnar is now not likely to happen. Well, don't give up on that dream quite yet. It may not take place in UFC, but that doesn't mean WWE can't house the super fight. Here are a few reasons why Jones should attempt to strike up a deal with WWE.

Part Timers Don't Get Tested

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Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. As we discovered in 2016, part-time Superstars in WWE are exempt from their wellness policy. At around the same time as Jon Jones was busted by USADA the first time around, Brock Lesnar was too. The Beast Incarnate made his triumphant return to the Octagon last year and defeated his opponent, Mark Hunt. Well, that result was naturally overturned when Lesnar's test results were discovered and released. Being under contract with WWE, fan attention then turned to the pro wrestling company as the question arose of how they would punish Lesnar. It turns out, they didn't have to. Vince McMahon's company quickly revealed that they don't test their part-time stars, a policy it currently looks like Jon Jones could really benefit from.


That Super Fight With Brock Could Go Down

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Jon Jones current problems may get him suspended from UFC for up to four years. By the time that suspension comes to an end, we can't imagine Lesnar will still be interested in battling the former UFC Champion. Just because the potential super fight probably can't happen in UFC doesn't mean it has to be off the cards completely though. WrestleMania 34 isn't that far away. What better stage than The Showcase of the Immortals to have a match of this magnitude? WWE would almost certainly be interested as would Lesnar, but would Jones? It would be amazing to see it happen, but a lot of things would have to be ironed out between now and then. Most importantly, would it be an MMA match? Logistically, that would be pretty tough and likely not something WWE would want to do. That would leave Jones and Lesnar having a predetermined pro-wrestling match. Whether Jones would be interested in that or not is questionable.


He Could Make An Awful Lot Of Money

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One thing Jon Jones probably doesn't have to worry about is money. Despite his issues over the past 18 months, he has had a prolific MMA career and earned a lot of cash in the process. It's always nice to have more though, right? If WWE were to offer him a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 and Bones were to accept, then rest assured he would be paid handsomely for his troubles. It would almost certainly be a seven-figure payout and all for one night's work. Well, actually, the company would likely need him to appear on Raw a few times in the build-up, but the odds of him having more than that one match are highly unlikely. Millions of dollars for one fight and a fight that could potentially be staged so the risk of Jones getting hurt is drastically lowered. What's not to love?


The Number Of Eyes He Would Have On Him

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You don't get into a sport like MMA and reach the dizzy heights that Jon Jones has without loving the attention of thousands of people being focused solely on you. There's no doubting that UFC is popular and it pulls pretty massive crowds, but not on the same scale as WWE does. According to Tapology, UFC's highest ever attendance came at UFC 193 when Ronda Rousey did battle with Holly Holm. That event drew an impressive 56,214 fans. Compare that to WWE's highest ever attendance and it isn't even in the same ballpark. At WrestleMania 32 WWE managed to pack an incredible 101,000 plus people into AT&T Stadium., Yes that number was likely exaggerated a little by WWE as they include all of the people back stage at events like 'Mania, but still, WrestleMania 34 will draw a much bigger crowd than your average UFC event.

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