Rebooking 15 Of The Worst WWE Storylines

Many people like to define professional wrestling as a male soap opera. The term "soap opera" is defined as a television or radio drama series dealing typically with daily events in the lives of the same group of characters. Sounds a lot like professional wrestling. Wrestling is where a group of guys and girls portray a character and use it to compliment their athletic ability inside the ring.

There are some people who enjoy the sport of wrestling. They like seeing two individuals battle to see who can gain leverage on the other and score a pinfall. Then there are some people who enjoy the storyline aspect. They would like to know exactly why the two competitors in the ring are facing each other. Are they wrestling for a championship or is it personal? A good storyline will have any fan hooked to the program.

Since Vince McMahon took over the WWE from his dad, Vince Sr., and the company went from being about wrestling to being more about sports entertainment. Vince McMahon Jr. knew that the business was changing. Throughout the years, the WWE has produced some great storylines that had people talking for weeks. There was the Austin vs. McMahon story that lasted throughout The Attitude Era. During this time, Monday Night Raw saw some of its highest ratings and fans, whether in school or at work, could not stop talking about it. There was also the night CM Punk dropped the infamous "pipe bomb" and broke social media. However, there were some bad, and some very bad, storylines that had fans scratching their heads. Here the 15 worst WWE storylines rebooked.

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15 The Rock vs. Billy Gunn (SummerSlam 1999)

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The Rock faced Billy Gunn after losing to Triple H at Fully Loaded. In 1999, Gunn went by the name Mr. Ass. After costing The Rock a title shot, the two were set to face each other at SummerSlam in a “Kiss My Ass Match.” While it was clear that The Rock was not going to pucker up, it was interesting, yet tasteless to have an overweight woman come in the ring and have Mr. Ass’s face rammed up her rear end.

Rebooking: The Rock vs. Billy Gunn was not a bad idea considering The Great One did not have anyone to face at the time,and the company was looking at Mr. Ass as someone who they could propel into the main event scene. The best way to rebook this storyline is to have this be a classic singles match. In a singles match, Mr. Ass should go over, after all he was the 1999 King of the Ring winner and this could have showcased his athletic ability. A loss here would not have hurt The Rock, but it could have done wonders for Billy Gunn.

14 John Cena vs. Mark Henry

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In 2013, Mark Henry nearly had the wrestling world in tears as he prepared to announce his retirement. He even went as far as to tell his daughter: “Daddy’s coming home.” As John Cena congratulated him on a great career, Mark Henry turned on him and challenged Cena for the WWE Championship. The two would face each other at Money in the Bank and, of course, Cena went over.

Rebooking: The Summer of 2013 was clearly the Summer of Daniel Bryan. While John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan was the moneymaker, Henry had the fans on the edge of their seats. He was must-see television, the same way he was when he won the World Heavyweight Title in 2011. The perfect scenario would have been to have Henry cheat to defeat Cena at Money in the Bank. With Henry’s loyalty and dedication to the WWE, this would have been the perfect way to honor him, yet keep him heel. Cena would then regain the title in two weeks. During that time, instead of having Cena hand pick a number one contender, Daniel Bryan would earn his spot in the title match at SummerSlam.

13 WrestleMania XXV: Miss WrestleMania

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At the silver anniversary of WrestleMania, the WWE decided to crown the winner of a Divas battle royal as Miss WrestleMania. The purpose was to crown a Diva with one of the most prestigious honors. Being crowned Miss WrestleMania screams bragging rights. Instead, Santina Morella who was billed as Santino’s sister - Santina, won. Everyone knew it was Santino the entire time, but him winning the crown made this an absolute joke.

Rebooking: Leading up to this match, there was speculations that there would be special run ins by Divas from the past. Alundra Blayze, Sable, and Trish Stratus should have had all of their demands met to ensure they were involved. After all, Sunny was involved. In the end, Melina would have been crowned Miss WrestleMania and she would have helped lead the Divas division moving forward. With Blayze, Sable, and Trish in the match, this would have meant more.

12 Terri Runnels' Miscarriage

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During The Attitude Era, there were quite a few storylines that would have the average wrestling fan scratching their heads. At the end of 1998, a pregnant Terri Runnels was knocked down by D’Lo Brown and after costing Terri her baby, Brown decided to be Terri’s flunky.

Rebooking: Terri Runnels should have never been booked in a pregnancy angle period. D’Lo Brown had a lot of personality and could have been used properly. Terri and Jacqueline should have been his manager and instead of being forced to do whatever she wanted, the two women could have helped boost his confidence, ultimately leading him to a higher spot.

11 Al Wilson 

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In December 2002, Torrie Wilson’s nemesis Dawn Marie began a relationship with her father, Al Wilson. Before their wedding, Marie said that if Torrie wanted her to end the relationship with her dad, she needed to spend the night with her. And only on Pay-Per-View could the WWE pull this off. Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie took part in an on screen kiss that still has the internet going crazy. An uncomfortable Al Wilson asked Dawn to stop the footage at Armageddon. After stopping the footage, Dawn let everyone know that they would be getting married anyway. However, due to Al being up in age, he died after consummating the marriage.

Rebooking: The rival between Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie was good enough. Fans would have been happy to see those two beautiful ladies partake in any match. However, if Al Wilson needed to be added to story, the way to execute this would have been have Al Wilson not go through with the marriage. After Al decides not to go through with the marriage, have Dawn blame Torrie and they could have wrestled at the Royal Rumble where if Torrie loses, Al Wilson must leave WWE. Dawn wins, Al can go on about his business.

10 Triple H vs. CM Punk

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During his infamous "pipe bomb," CM Punk said that he always thought the WWE would be in a better condition, without Vince McMahon’s dufus son-in-law. This led to a series of jabs between Triple H and CM Punk, ultimately leading the two to face each other at Night of Champions in a No DQ Match. The lead up to this match got extra fuel at SummerSlam 2011 when Kevin Nash, one of Triple H’s bestfriends attacked CM Punk after he retained the WWE Championship, which led to Alberto Del Rio cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Nash said he was ordered to do this by Triple H. The Game denied it. In his match against Punk, he also put his job as Chief Operating Office on the line. In the end, Triple H won and retained his job.

Rebooking: This story was all over the place. Triple H, CM Punk, Kevin Nash, there were too many players. Triple H and Kevin Nash should have been on one accord. After SummerSlam, CM Punk would chase Triple H, until finally getting him to agree to a match at Hell in a Cell, ensuring that no one else would interfere. Also, there's the fact that Hell in a Cell is one of Triple H’s specialties. In the end, Punk defeats Triple H and earns himself a title shot at Survivor Series.

9 WrestleMania 13 Main Event

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The rumors are that WrestleMania 13 was supposed to feature a rematch between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Bret was due to go over after Shawn beat him a year earlier. However, Shawn Michaels was injured and was forced to vacate his WWE Championship. At WWE Final Four, the last four participants at the Royal Rumble squared off in a Battle Royal and the winner faced Sycho Sid, who was due a rematch for losing the title to Michaels. Bret Hart won the title, but lost it the next night on Raw due to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s interference. This led to an epic match up between Austin and Bret at WrestleMania 13.

Rebooking: It's obvious that Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin had one of the best matches in WrestleMania history. However, this should have been for the WWE Championship. Instead of rushing to crown a champion at WWE Final Four, they could've have had the final four participants in the match, along with Sid, and the last two square off against each other at WrestleMania. The final two are Austin and Hart, and this would be built up as one of the greatest matches ever. Fans could still see the same finish, except after Bret leaves as champion, fans turn on him and become Stone Cold Steve Austin fans.

8 Anonymous GM

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For months a laptop sat at ringside. Many times during the show, there would be a sound indicating the GM had sent an email which was usually read by Michael Cole. There were times when it seemed as if the GM was a face, then there were times it seemed it was a heel. At the end, it was Hornswoggle.

Rebooking: While it was one of the most disappointing payoffs, there is still hope. This spot should have been used to bring back someone big. At the time, Chris Jericho was not in the WWE. Instead of bringing Jericho back in a spot that many fans thought was saved for Sting, the best way to bring him back would have been using the laptop, and having it countdown to his revelation. Once Chris Jericho reveals himself, he automatically puts himself in a title match and wins. Really, anything would've been better than Hornswoggle.

7 WrestleMania 2000: A McMahon in Every Corner

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The year 2000 was the year of The Rock vs. Triple H. These two Superstars dominated the mid-card during Stone Cold Steve Austin’s first run as the WWE Champion. Often times, their matches stole the show. After The Rock won the Royal Rumble, in a controversial finish over Big Show, he was forced to defend his WrestleMania spot and lost. Eventually The Rock, along with Mick Foley would win their way to the Fatal Four Way match. Every participant had a McMahon in their corner. At the end of the night, Vince, who was in The Rock’s corner, betrayed him and, for the first time in years, fans did not go home happy as Triple H retained his WWE Championship.

Rebooking: This match should have been a one-on-one match. WrestleMania, to this point, had always put the best two Superstars in a one-on-one match for the WWE Championship. Here's how we'd fix this. At No Way Out, The Rock defeats The Big Show and he and Triple H resume their career long feud. Add Vince McMahon to The Rock’s corner, and while McMahon turns on him at WrestleMania, it is still not enough, and The Rock walks out of Anaheim as the new WWE Champion.

6 Booker T vs Triple H

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Booker T earned himself a World Title shot at WrestleMania XIX against Triple H. It would be the first time the World Heavyweight Championship would be defended at WrestleMania. During this time, Triple H made some very controversial remarks toward Booker T, that were very Harley Race to Ron Simmons like. In the end, Triple H retained his title.

Rebooking: Booker T's popularity was going through the roof. While Triple H was a very easy to hate as a heel, Booker T still was able to hold his own as a face. This was the time to pull the trigger. Leading up to the match, Triple H still says everything that made fans feel uncomfortable. In the end, Booker T defeats Triple H to win his first World Heavyweight Championship while part of the WWE roster.

5 Custody of Dominic

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Sometimes, the WWE goes too far away from the athletic ability of their Superstars, like when Eddie Guerrero was revealed as Dominic's (Rey Mysterio’s son) biological father. The two would battle at SummerSlam with custody of Dominic on the line in a Ladder match. Mysterio went on to win the match.

Rebooking: There was no need for this match to have Dominic involved. There is enough history between Guerrero and Mysterio from the days in WCW that this was unnecessary. Guerrero and Mysterio would battle for a shot to be the number one contender for the WWE Championship with each guy vying to represent their heritage. In the end, Guerrero would win and propel himself back into the WWE Championship picture. After Guerrero wins the title, he and Rey Mysterio would battle each other at a later date for the WWE Championship.

4 Katie Vick

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Katie Vick was Kane’s ex-girlfriend. It's bad enough that she was involved in the story, but the worst part was that Triple H actually pretend to have sex with a fake corpse. In the end, Triple H defeated Kane and retained his WWE Championship.

Rebooking: While Kane and Triple H were two of the guys left from The Attitude Era, who transitioned into The Ruthless Aggression Era, perhaps the WWE felt they needed to dig into Kane’s past. Introducing Katie Vick to the story, the only thing they needed to do was mention her. Triple H should have mentioned her every week to the point Kane would not able to focus. By the time they got to No Mercy, Kane defeats Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

3 Roman Reigns Wins The 2015 Royal Rumble

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In 2015, Roman Reigns would win the Royal Rumble and was booed for his victory. The fans wanted Daniel Bryan that night. After the Rumble, Reigns defended his spot at WrestleMania against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. He went on to defeat Bryan and fans realized that it was Roman who would be heading to WrestleMania 31 to face Brock Lesnar in the main event.

Rebooking: Going with this as the story plays out and hindsight not being 20/20, Daniel Bryan should have entered the Royal Rumble at #30. The final two would have been Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan and at the last minute Bryan finds a way to eliminate Reigns and goes on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. This is built up as David vs. Goliath and it's Daniel Bryan who slays The Beast.

2 Daniel Bryan’s Road to WrestleMania XXX

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In 2014, the WWE made a huge mistake by not having Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble. That night, a returning Batista won and was completely booed out of the building. While it took two months, Bryan would finally force his way into the title picture at WrestleMania XXX and eventually win the title.

Rebooking: After being screwed out of the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, Night of Champions, and Battleground, fans were waiting for the ultimate climax at WrestleMania. With the Royal Rumble being the beginning of the road to WrestleMania, Bryan should have been in the Rumble and should have won it. Clearly he is the guy at this point. Batista comes in as the possible corporate replacement to Randy Orton. Bryan defends his title shot against Batista and four other guys at Elimination Chamber, and still manages to win. Then with Triple H, doing everything he could, he forces Bryan to face him at WrestleMania with the winer facing Randy Orton in the main event. Bryan defeats both men and WrestleMania XXX becomes Yestle-Mania.

1 Invasion

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In 2001, Vince McMahon purchased WCW and the contacts of some of their Superstars. However, McMahon did not get the A-listers such as Hollywood Hogan, Ric Flair, Goldberg, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sting. Therefore the Invasion goes down as one of the worse storylines in WWE history.

Rebooking: Wait WWE, just wait! After the contracts of the nWo are available, they come to WWE and slowly but surely recruit everyone who used to be apart of WCW. The two decide to get on the same page for the first time in history. At the Royal Rumble, they attack Chris Jericho and The Rock but The Rock manages to win the title. Hulk Hogan and The Rock still have an epic showdown for the ages at WrestleMania X8, but this time for the WWE Championship.

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