Reby Hardy Shoots On GFW Announcements

We've extensively covered what's going on with Global Force Wrestling (GFW), Anthem Sports, Alberto El Patron and Jeff Jarrett. Needless to say, there are some folks that used to be connected to TNA and Anthem Sports that are salivating over the prospect that GFW might be separating from Anthem and that financial troubles have hit the two companies. Perhaps no one is more pleased than Matt Hardy's wife Reby who has been vocal about what she believes is an unethical and underhanded business by Anthem when it comes to Matt's "Broken" gimmick.

Reby believes that Hardy should own the copyright and name "Broken", however, Ed Norholm and Anthem Sports have been unwavering in their stance that they own the intellectual rights and the only way Matt and the WWE will be allowed to use those names is by paying for them—something WWE is not likely to do.

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Upon the news that Anthem was struggling financially with GFW, Reby was likely elated. Now, Anthem issued a press release mentioning digital initiatives GFW would be undertaking that included a Global Wrestling Network (a la WWE Network), 24/7 channel on Pluto and expanded business in international countries, but Reby isn't buying it.


She released a statement on Twitter suggesting the press release is a false hope. That simply because the company is announcing initiatives, does not mean that these things will actually come to fruition.

Reby may be correct. It seems extremely odd timing that GFW would announce the departure of Jeff Jarrett and Sports Illustrated would release information that Anthem was struggling financially if these plans were already underway. Why would Anthem invest in something that is bleeding them dry? Who would run these initiatives with Jarrett gone and for such a struggling company, what information leads them to believe the market for these types of expansions are there?

Recently, Norholm appeared as a guest on Wrestling Observer Radio and cleared the air on how the situation will work, and that Anthem is still 100 percent behind GFW, and they intend to build the business, even if it means taking a hit financially at the beginning.

In the end, this is all a wait and see game, but Reby is publicly hoping for a GFW crash and burn. To her, it would be well-deserved karma and if a failure, Anthem might sell their library and trademarks to the WWE, which is only good for Matt Hardy.

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