15 Recent Photos That Prove Trish Stratus Is Ring Ready

Stratus-faction guaranteed! When the former seven-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus returned to WWE during the first incarnation of the WWE’s Women’s Royal Rumble this year, she received the most cheers of the night due to how beloved she is among the WWE fanbase. Trish had a great showing in the Royal Rumble, scoring three eliminations and lasting until the final five women before being eventually eliminated by Sasha Banks, but it left wrestling fans with one very important question – why isn’t Trish returning to wrestling for another run with WWE?

Even with her being close to 10 years older than most of the other women on the WWE roster (or 15 in the case of Alexa Bliss), none of them can hold a candle to how Trish performed in the ring throughout her long career. It would take a lot of work on their parts to surpass Trish’s status in the mind of fans, but is it really fair for us to make a comparison until she has competed in the ring with each of them? With a family at home in Toronto and her living a happy life away from a full-time WWE career, it is unlikely that Trish would return for any longer than her Royal Rumble appearance, but with all of these photos as proof, there is one thing that is incredibly clear – there is certainly nothing holding her back.

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15 Yoga Is Your Friend

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The most common theme in this article is that Trish found a brand new love when she retired from professional wrestling in 2006, and we are certainly pleased that she has continued that love – Trish swears by yoga not only as an exercise, but as her lifestyle. Not only does she practice yoga on a daily basis, but she went on to open her own yoga studio called Stratusphere Yoga in order to pass on her knowledge of the workout to others. One thing is absolutely for sure – yoga has kept her in such incredible shape that a transition back into the ring would be very simple for her.

As you can see here, Trish’s body shows no sign of being out of the ring for over ten years and her figure has not missed a beat. Now, if she was to make a WWE return apart from her appearance in the Royal Rumble, I vote that she brings her yoga attire!

14 Still Modeling, Still Gorgeous

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Prior to entering WWE, Trish was a very successful fitness model and appeared in numerous issues of Muscle & Fitness and MuscleMag, showcasing all of the hard work she had put into her figure. Trish has been removed from the modeling scene for a long time, but has made some smaller appearances since leaving WWE which fully show off that not only is her body looking “ring ready” but also “model ready” as well. Not only does the picture perfectly capture Trish’s beauty, but shows off just how dedicated Trish is to keeping her perfect figure even after two kids. My god, truly one of the things that make me so proud to be Canadian.

13 The Boss is No Match for Stratusfaction

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Trish’s unannounced appearance as Number 30 in this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble was one of the greatest parts of the event, and certainly got wrestling fans speculating about if we would see her in the ring after this event. What didn’t help the matter was having her interact in the ring with some of wrestling’s greatest wrestlers of this period, like her interaction with Sasha Banks. While Trish did have some great matches during her career, the pool of talent among female wrestlers was much thinner than it is now, so to start thinking about matches that she could have with the likes of Sasha Banks make wrestling fans salivate for a completely different reason than we normally do when we see Trish.

The caliber of wrestling talent in WWE among the females is at an absolute peak, and judging by Trish’s ring presence during her Rumble appearance, she could certainly hang with them all without even trying.

12 Gridlocked

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There is certainly a precedence for WWE wrestlers to begin making appearances in films while they are contracted, or for wrestlers to leave wrestling behind to begin making more movies while they are still in the spotlight, but Trish is one of the few wrestlers to only make occasional appearances on television and in films after retiring – it is almost like she treats it as a hobby.

In 2015, Trish was featured in the film Gridlocked alongside Dominic Purcell and Danny Glover where she played Gina, in a movie where she and other members of a gang attacked a police facility. While the movie may be one of the lesser-star holders on Netflix, it does not change the fact that Trish shows up looking incredible during her time on screen. Clad in leather and black for most of the film, she stands out above the rest during the action scenes in the film as someone who not only looks gorgeous, but can certainly hold her own in a fight. Time to bring that fighting style back to the ring!

11 At the Beach

Not only has Trish been very busy since retiring from professional wrestling by opening her own yoga studio and starring in several movies, but she has very busy starting her own family. Trish is a very proud mother of two beautiful children, and has many Twitter and Instagram posts dedicated to raising her children to prove it. Now that being said, it's absolutely unfathomable that Trish looks this incredible after having two children – only true dedication and a love for fitness could produce a post-baby body like this that looks this incredible in a swimsuit. I'm sure that it took a lot of hard work and commitment to get her body back to this point after having children, and that's the type of commitment that WWE would want in their locker room – come back to the ring and teach everyone just how you look so good, Trish!

10 Gorilla Position

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Trish has never been one to shy away from her past as a professional wrestling – even though apart from the Women’s Royal Rumble she had not competed in a ring in over five years, she constantly posts throw back photos from her time in WWE because it was such a big part of her life. Not only does her sculpted body show that she is ready to get back into the ring, but also how connected she is with her fellow former WWE wrestlers proves that she would be able to slip right back into the ring.

Looking at Trish in the Gorilla position (named after the late great Gorilla Monsoon), Trish looked like this was routine for her, ready to deliver another great show for her WWE fans.

9 RAW Return

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Before there was Charlotte and Sasha Banks, there was Trish Stratus and Lita who were making waves as women on Monday Night RAW, and who were actually the first two women to main event an episode of RAW in 2004 prior to both of their retirement matches. The on-again off-again feud and friendship between the two women has gone down in history as one of the greatest female wrestling rivalries of all time, and for very good reason – the matches between the two women were hard-hitting, emotional and technically sound making them very entertaining.

After seeing Trish take the stage on the recent RAW 25 show gave long-time wrestling fans great feelings of joy thinking about those moments and made us salivate at the thought of her competing on RAW again. Did you hear the reaction she received when her music hit? That reaction alone should mean that she should come back to the ring for one more run.

8 Flexible as Ever

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Have I mentioned that Trish is into yoga? Well, yoga is not only great for the mind and body, but it also does wonders for our eyes as fans because we get to see Trish in the holy grail of clothing – thank god for whoever created yoga pants, because we are indebted to them forever. Trish’s chosen yoga attire is not complete without a great fitting pair of yoga pants, and as you can see her figure is more than willing to show itself in her shapely clothing. Couple this with the fact that yoga has made Trish incredibly flexible that she can perform poses like this without breaking a sweat, and you know that she would be able to throw down in the ring with this newfound flexibility.

If you can remember some of Trish’s signature maneuvers in the wrestling ring, how do you think she would fair performing her Stratusphere maneuver out of the corner on an opponent now? I can only imagine that she would still be able to hit it perfectly, if not even better than before.

7 Stratusphere

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Well, apparently I do not need to imagine what it would look like as Trish showed us that she has not missed a beat with these maneuvers after hitting them during her appearance in the Royal Rumble. Trish was able to hit all of her signature maneuvers including the Stratusfaction and the Stratusphere seen here on Bayley during her Rumble appearance, and did so with relative ease. Just look at how gracefully she is performing her move on Bayley here – it doesn’t look like she has spent a day away from performing in the ring. Now, imagine her hitting these moves on all the other women on the roster during some fantastic matches – just picture how far tiny, little Alexa Bliss would fly if Trish grabbed her with her yoga-built legs? Plus, it does not hurt that we can see all of Trish’s gorgeous body in this shot as she stretches up to grab Bayley with her legs – I’m sure it would be very painful, but I would not mind her hitting that move on me!

6 Good Friends

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Not only has Trish kept in connection with the women she has worked with on the WWE roster, but she has remained in connection with women that entered the WWE after her. Other than Mickie James, there are no members of the current RAW or SmackDown roster that Trish has wrestled in the ring with, but by judging how close she is with The Bella Twins in this picture, she is no stranger to hanging out with them. While they may be very friendly in the picture posing together, the most interesting thing to note is how Trish’s muscles and figure look in comparison to the other two ladies – Trish is in such incredible shape that she is looking more ring-ready than the two Bella Twins, and Nikki held the Divas Championship less than three years ago!

5 Divas Photo Shoots

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If you have been a long-time fan of WWE, you will certainly remember all of the wonderful photo shoots that the clan of WWE Divas used to produce every year. Whether it was Divas Undressed or Divas in Hedonism, there was always a wide variety of bikini and scantily-clad pictures posted featuring the gorgeous women of WWE, and Trish was always one of the most beautiful women in each of these shoots. Not only was she featured in all of the same shoots as the other women, but she was also given her own special photo shoots each year, and she was voted WWE Babe of the Year for three consecutive years throughout her career.

These days, photo shoots like this are non-existent from the current females on the roster, but that has not stopped Trish from taking it upon herself to be photographed for various modelling companies, and we think that it is an excellent throwback to her modelling days. What I wouldn’t give to see the rest of the photos like this, as Trish looks absolutely stunning and ready to be featured on WWE programming again.

4 Muscles Everywhere

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Following her career in WWE, one of the first things that Trish did was have her breast implants removed, following along with other women who had left the wrestling business behind. Upon hearing this the internet wrestling community was not entirely pleased because they enjoyed admiring Trish’s “assets”, but after seeing pictures like this of her posing for photoshoots recently, I don’t think there should be a single complaint from the world about how Trish’s body looks. Without any surgical enhancement, Trish’s body and figure is looking more smoking than ever. Her tanned skin and muscles are on full display here, including rippling abs and very toned legs which do not look like she has missed a day out of the ring. Trish does not need any enhancement to look as good as she does, and we are all more than happy to see her return to the ring just as she is.

3 New Generation

When Trish began as an in-ring performer in WWE she and the other females on the roster were infamously trained by Fit Finlay, who received a direct shout-out in her Hall of Fame speech for teaching her so much about the wrestling industry and how to be a better performer. With some newly brought-up faces from NXT on the RAW and SmackDown rosters, some of them could surely use some extra guidance both in and outside of the ring on how to make themselves better wrestlers.

Take Mandy Rose for instance, whose career has paralleled Trish’s very closely up to this point – how much could she benefit from being in the ring with someone of Trish’s legendary status? Surely Trish has a lot to teach some of the newer females on the roster like Ruby Riott and Sonya Deville or even a failing wrestler like Dana Brooke. Don’t you think Trish owes it to them to work a few matches in the ring? Well, probably not, but I can dream!

2 Gym Time

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With wrestlers on the WWE roster following all sorts of new cutting edge workout programs, you have to wonder how many of them can hold up against someone as fit as Trish Stratus? As I already mentioned, Trish was a former fitness model prior to beginning her WWE career, and has never had a day where she did not look like she was in the best shape of her life. According to Trish, fitness has always been very important to her and has been embedded into her life style, so she has always strived to keep herself in the best shape to live a happy and healthy life. I would say that she has surely achieved this goal one hundred times over, as even at the age of 41 she still looks absolutely incredible.

1 One More Yoga Pose

via WWE.com

I think I’ve got the point across that Trish is an absolute yoga freak! Yoga has been the driving force of her career since leaving WWE, and the final verdict is this – it has given her the athleticism, flexibility and strength to make another run for the WWE Women’s Championship. Yoga is such an all-encompassing workout which stretches your body beyond what you thought it was capable of, and gives you an increased awareness of your body’s breathing so you can control yourself better during athletic situations, and Trish swears by it. Judging by all of these pictures and how her body looks better than some of the women currently competing in WWE, we have to agree that it is certainly working for her in every way.

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