Recent Rumors Have Braun Strowman Getting A Huge Match At WrestleMania 32

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I'm sure most of you were expecting to click in to this post and see the name Brock Lesnar. But although the Braun Strowman/Brock Lesnar at WM32 rumours are recent, they aren't as recent as the ones being reported by Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live.

A Brock Lesnar v. Bray Wyatt WM32 match is a very popular option, which would mean there would have to be another plan from Strowman. And according to Alvarez that plan could be a match versus none other than The Undertaker!

It seems as though the plan is to have Strowman go up against The Big Show at Fastlane to put him over and prepare him for Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker. Whichever way the WWE decides to go with it, it looks like a huge match for Strowman on April 3rd at AT&T Stadium.

Which version would you prefer to see?

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