Every WWE Stable Since 2010, Officially Ranked

In the numbers, there is strength. WWE announcers always talk about “the numbers game,” when several lone forces join together and begin to operate like a hive mind. They usually become something more powerful than the individual parts. In the numbers game, shared efforts and common bonds unite to achieve like-minded goals. Thinking and acting as one, if superstars can come together and master these ideals, they can become some of the greatest stables in wrestling history.

We all know the names of yesterday - the Dangerous Alliance, the Brood, the Corporation, DX, and of course the Four Horsemen. Any and all factions and stables that form are merely playing off templates created by the greats and adding their own spin on things. Divided, they can fall, but united, a great stable can soar.

In recent years though, the WWE has had a lot more difficulty trying to put together a stable that can enhance the product and truly captures the cool factor that wrestling fans love. Sure, there are some stables today that are among the company's top stars, including The Shield and The New Day, along with a possible Four Horsewomen stable rumored to be in the works, but WWE has also seen a lot of flops when they decided to throw some wrestlers together. For this list, we'll only be covering modern WWE history and ranking all the factions that have come along in recent years.

Here's ever single WWE stable that formed since 2010, and their ranking.

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22 The Ascension

via wikipedia.org

Konnor and Viktor... huh? Clearly you weren't watching NXT way back when. That's okay, nobody was, as there wasn't a WWE Network when The Ascension faction was created. There wasn't even an NXT, it was an FCW stable.

It also had nothing to do with Konnor, Viktor, or the apocalypse.

It was originally a group that featured Epico Colon, Ricardo Rodriguez, Kenneth Cameron, and Raquel Diaz. Membership changes eventually brought Konnor and Viktor in and ousted everyone else out.

The group never made it past FCW, which is why they're ranked last on this countdown. But you're welcome for the brief bit of FCW history.

21 The Social Outcasts

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If you would have thought that a few years removed from the brief run of the Social Outcasts that two of them would be the current Raw tag champs and other guy was one half of the inaugural SmackDown tag champs, you would be lying. Big. Fat. Liar. The group doesn’t even have a separate Wikipedia entry.

But Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose, and Heath Slater formed the Social Outcasts in early 2016. There’s certainly a place in wrestling comedy acts, but an entire stable? It was seldom tried before.

Hopefully, it won’t be tried again, because the only time a group of journeymen ever worked was the JOB Squad.

20 Absolution

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The woman that plenty of WWE superstars credit with bringing the Evolution was Paige. She made her return in late 2017 after being out for a serious neck injury and having her private life turned into public consumption ready to reclaim all of her accolades. But she wasn't alone.

She came with the double-tough Sonya Deville and golden-haired Mandy Rose, her two proteges from when she judged them on Tough Enough. The Revolution and evolved big time and Paige was going to bring it all to its Absolution. But sadly, an errant kick would end Paige’s in-ring career before the group could make any real headway.

19 The Club

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To be fair, with the runaway success of the Bullet Club, any other version in any other promotion would just seem like a rip-off, even if the WWE version of the Club is just a loose alliance between the original BC members, Finn Balor and the Good Brothers, along with the second leader AJ Styles.

Thankfully, the experiment devolved from being an actual stable to just a group of friends that will help each other every now and then.

Otherwise The Club would have continued to be just a Bullet Club imitator. We've seen imitation tried before and it usually doesn't go over well.

18 League Of Nations

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The League Of Nations was an interesting idea, albeit a half-cocked one. Take four mid-card flounderers, two who were formed World champions and two guys who were right at the cusp of breaking through but were fed to Super Cena and you get a group of four tough guys that you legitimately wouldn't want to cross.

But with the way all four of them had been booked in recent memory, and with a smarter fanbase, it was clear that the League Of Nations had come off as a last ditch effort to get four tough guys mega over and featured Sheamus as a world champion that no one had believed in.

17 The Straight Edge Society

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There have been cult-like stables before, but nothing like CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society. Luke Gallows, Joey Mercury, and Serena all pledged their allegiance to Punk and shaved their heads to show how pure they were. They offered the chance for anyone in the audience to do the same, and a few fans took them up on their offer.

While fans know this is all a work, this isn't the kind of gimmick that can have you showing up at a bar after the show. But when Serena and Mercury both had real-life incidents, there were handed their releases and the SES would disband soon after that.

16 The Corre

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What was The Corre? A truly godawful attempt at splitting the original Nexus. The Wolfpack to the Nexus’ nWo. CM Punk took over the Nexus, and kicked former leader Wade Barrett out of the group and headed to SmackDown. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater refused to listen to their new leader and followed Barrett out the door.

The whole idea of the Corre is that everyone was an equal member.

But the group was just as they say in wrestling “the drizzling s---s,” and besides their one big feud with the Big Show, the group quickly disbanded. Can you imagine Heath Slater's the only member still standing in WWE?

15 Team Bella

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Some of the stables and factions on this list just aren’t that memorable. But they did still serve a purpose. Several of the early lady’s factions here did serve the purpose of #GiveDivasAChance. Team Bella served the function of representing the old guard. Alicia Fox (who thankfully is being given a chance at relevance again) joined Brie and Nikki as Team Bella.

While Nikki was still Divas Champion, the group did battle with Paige. Thanks to Stephanie McMahon, three of NXT’s best superstars were called up and helped to form two other factions – the Women’s Revolution had begun and Team Bella upped their in-ring game to keep up.

14 The Hart Dynasty

via ewrestling.com

The Hart family is one of wrestling’s most enduring wrestling families. The Foundation was one of the best tag teams of all time, before becoming one of the greatest stables of all time and having a heck of a great too-brief heel run. The Foundation laid the groundwork for the next generation, The Hart Dynasty.

DH Smith (Bulldog’s son), Nattie (Anvil’s daughter), and Tyson Kidd (Nattie’s boyfriend at the time, now husband) formed the trio that would make it to WWE TV. The group was seemingly primed for glory and had a few memorable moments, mostly involving Bret until Smith headed for Japan, effectively disbanding the group.

13 Legacy

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The idea was simple – take several sons of WWE Hall of Famers and form a stable. Randy Orton began to criticize Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase for how they were allowing teams like Cryme Tyme. The duo would earn Orton’s respect helping him lay waste to CM Punk and the Legacy was formed.

Other sons like Manu and Sim Snuka would try out for the group and be shown the door.

Legacy was clearly best used as a trio and thanks to Orton’s already established star power, the group was quickly shot to the top of the card, having marquee matches and programs with the McMahons and DX before the group imploded and had a triple threat match at WrestleMania XXVI.

12 Team B.A.D.

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Team Beautiful And Dangerous was formed when Stephanie McMahon brought Sasha Banks up to the main roster, joining Tamina and Naomi as another trio in the Divas Revolution storyline.

Along with Team Bella and PCB, the nine women would collide at Battleground 2015, but the real story would be a few weeks later, at the very first TakeOver: Brooklyn, when Sasha Banks and Bayley would have what is still one of the greatest matches in recent history.

Unfortunately, though, there wasn’t much of a storyline here besides trying to get more women involved. But without a real direction, the group disbanded quickly and Sasha would turn face, team up with Becky to take on the rest of B.A.D. at Fastlane in 2016.

11 SAniTY

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A bunch of crazies is always good fodder for a stable. Led by Eric Young, Sanity ran roughshod over all of NXT for a few years, debuting at the Dusty Rhodes Classic and warred with the likes of Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, and Ruby Riot in a good old-school style feud.

They also captured tag team gold in Brooklyn, defeating the Authors Of Pain, and participated in the first NXT War Games.

The group is even more unique in the fact that one of its members, Nikki Cross is still in NXT. Whether she gets called up to join her team on SmackDown remains to be seen.

The team hasn’t had a lot of opportunity on SmackDown as of just yet, but their in-ring skills will certainly allow them to put the entire tag team scene on notice for the blue brand.

10 3MB

via bleacherreport.net

One-half of Smackdown’s first ever tag champs, a former world champion, and a former NXT champion that has put all of Raw on notice. That's one stable not to be trifled with, right? Then you've never heard of The Three Man Band, 3MB.

Clearly these are three very capable superstars, otherwise WWE wouldn't keep investing in them, but at this point in the careers of Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre; there were all just seen as a comedy trio, but it worked for Spinal Tap, didn't it?

All three men have proven their worth over the years in a big way and even though they are no longer are comedy acts, a reunion tour would certainly pop the crowds big time.

9 The Miztourage

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If you're not giving The Miz the credit he deserves, then you need to seriously start considering what you know and what you don't know about wrestling. He's a great heel character and has taken everything the company put on his lap and turned it into something that was must-see TV.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel should certainly be thanking the Miz, or whatever writer thought they'd be perfect being a part of Miz’s entourage, the Miztourage. Sadly, with The Miz on SmackDown and Bo and Axel now The B Team, it looks like Raw’s premier heel group has been cancelled.


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Another Revolution-era trio formed for no other reason than the whims of Stephanie McMahon, and another squad whose initial name you probably shouldn't google. When Paige was running around the locker room demanding real competition and less interfering in matches from Team Bella, Stephanie McMahon paired her up with Charlotte and Becky to form their own little group against the Bellas and B.A.D.

But with three alphas like these, it was only a matter of time before one of them struck gold and at least one of the other two for jealous.

That is exactly what happened when Charlotte won the Divas title and Paige attacked her. Considering what's going on now with the rest of PCB, maybe Charlotte should check her friends when she's about to win a title.

7 The Riott Squad

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“Introduce a little anarchy,” once said the Joker in The Dark Knight. Nothing sends out the message better than a punk rock image thrust right into the middle of all of these cookie-cutter model Divas. Ruby Riott. Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan stormed onto the main roster and have been kicking ass and taking names all over the women's division ever since.

What's unique about this crew is that they were put together on the main roster and not in NXT, making them the first trio to debut from NXT as a group since the Shield. Currently, as the only female faction in WWE it will be interesting to see if the Riott Squad will be able to continue on their own path of destruction.

6 Nexus

via wikimedia.org

When NXT started, it was a reality show of sorts. When it was over, the contestants of the show banded together and stormed Monday Night Raw decimating John Cena in the process. It was the kind of shot in the arm fans hadn't seen in a long time.

If factions were based solely on debuts, then The Nexus would go down as one of the greatest factions ever.

But we all know whether it was because the group was too big or not talented enough or little bit of A and B, they faded away pretty quickly and only served as seconds to Wade Barrett. Thankfully the group introduced the WWE audience to Daniel Bryan, and their debut was absolutely bananas, which is why they rank pretty high.

5 The Authority

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Every era needs their authority figureheads to keep storylines in motion, so why not call the ruling faction, The Authority? The group was a modern day version of the Corporation and had Triple H and Stephanie ruling all of the WWE, with Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Kane, and The Big Show doing all of the in-ring dirty work, with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble as the Stooges 2.0.

The group had to deal with the impressive trio of Sting, Roman, and Daniel Bryan on separate occasions. But instead of realizing that they were not what was best for business, The Authority kept on going, even as fans were getting tired of the act. But the talent involved and the angles they were involved in (Yes Movement, anyone?), make the Authority memorable in hindsight.

4 The Undisputed Era

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Take four workhorse Indy darlings and put them together, and wouldn't you know it, the NXT faithful love them. The Undisputed Era might be trying to push the business forward, but they're doing so by looking towards the past. We all know that every group that comes down the pipe channels the Four Horsemen, but the UE wear their homages on their sleeves.

The hand gestures, the cockiness, and the in-ring level talent is off the charts.

And they haven't even hit the main roster yet! Out of all of the NXT call-ups in recent memory, the Undisputed Era need to be called up, but only if they're going to be treated with and pushed with the respect of the top guys they are, otherwise, all of the good will they've built up would head straight down the drain.

3 The Wyatt Family

Gary Gershoff/WireImage

The vignettes were Deliverance-level creep-tastic. Their stand-off with The Shield gave them them the coveted “this is awesome” chant and neither team had even touched. So whatever happened to the Wyatt Family? Break-ups, shake-ups, and build-ups all the way to a cool voodoo-style entrance at WrestleMania only for Bray Wyatt to lose clean to Super-Cena, which is what started the group’s downfall.

But all four men have done fairly decently for themselves and still all get reactions from the crowd. The legs were cut off far too soon, but perhaps a reunion of sorts will again bring the backwoods to the forefront.

2 The New Day

via sportingnews.com

The epitome of what the WWE is all about these days is embodied in The New Day and their antics.

If the WWE yearns and aims to put smiles on fans’ faces, then the saccharine goodness of all of the group's ridiculousness is exactly what the doctor ordered.

In the ring, pancake power continues to reign supreme and the group still defends the W…W…E tag team championships with the Freebird Rule, and each combination has all kinds of moves in their arsenal. Barring any injuries, The New Day should go down as one of the greatest three man tag-teams ever.

1 The Shield

via f4wonline.com

Come on, was there ever any doubt? Out of all the stables on this list, they're the only ones who you can put the greatest faction category. Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose are all just cool. They come through the crowds, all three guys have won just about ever title there is to win, and most importantly to WWE, it seems to be the only way to get Roman actually over with all of the fans.

Whenever their music hits and the group is reunited, it's a goosebump moment, even when non-Shield members like Kurt Angle fill-in for the group. There's no stopping the group, and now they're back together again with a jacked-up Ambrose, a Rollins who's firing on all cylinders, and the Universal Champion - who's better the Hounds Of Justice?!

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