Referee Explains Why He Disqualified Seth Rollins At Hell In A Cell

WWE fans were left confused and angry over the controversial ending in the main event at Hell in a Cell, where Seth Rollins was disqualified for attacking Bray Wyatt with a sledgehammer.

As everyone knows by now, there are traditionally no disqualifications in a Hell in a Cell match. Simply put, everything goes. But for some reason, WWE booked a finish that made no sense to the fans.

This ending led to the fans in Sacramento chanting "AEW" and "Refund." Interestingly, both Rollins and Wyatt were absent from this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Perhaps WWE felt the need to pull both after such a strange conclusion to an extremely hyped up match.

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Well, referee Rod Zapata finally gave an answer as to why he disqualified Rollins. In an interview with WWETheBump, Zapata explained that he was merely watching out for Wyatt's safety.

This still doesn't make a whole lot of sense from a storyline standpoint. Fans can easily object to the official's statement by pointing out that regardless of worrying about a competitor's safety, a Hell in a Cell match isn't meant to be "safe" for superstars.

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So why, after all these years of Hell in a Cell/cage matches was it decided that a referee had to "watch" for someone's safety? Think about all the times Triple H got away with using a sledgehammer in matches with no DQ stipulations.

At any rate, this was a disappointing ending to what was shaping up to be an exciting match. Vince McMahon and co. are going to war with AEW now, and bookings like this aren't going to do much in maintaining fan support for WWE.

WWE Has To Provide More Answers

Fans simply need more answers (in storyline, at least) as to why this was the booked finish. If they were worried about "protecting" Bray Wyatt, then why book him in a title match to begin with? They simply have to learn from these mistakes and avoid making any booking decisions like this again.

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