Reimagining the nWo: 15 Current WWE Superstars Who Would Make Great Members

The New World Order (nWo,) is arguably the greatest wrestling faction of all time, and was the key reason that WCW led the Monday Night War ratings over WWE for much of the 1990s.

Hulk Hogan's heel turn propelled one of the greatest moments in the history of wrestling when he joined Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to form the original nWo.

Countless Superstars joined afterwards, including Randy Savage, Giant (better known as Big Show), Bret Hart, and so many other key stars. Of course, part of WCW's downfall was the non-stop breaking up and reunions of the nWo.

One thing the WWE hasn't done since the original D-Generation X broke up is find a new power alliance that lasted for a while and featured Superstars. Sure, the Triple H-led Evolution group was exciting, but it barely lasted two years, and will never be considered on the nWo's level.

WWE has tried many other alliances, like the Straight Edge Society, the Shield, and The Wyatt Family. All had success, but just nowhere close to what the nWo was able to provide for entertainment.

But you can't help but wonder what the nWo would look like today if they featured WWE Superstars. There's a lot of talent today that draws similarity from the wrestlers that WCW had to make up the iconic alliance 20 years ago.

If the WWE were to ever bring back the alliance, or introduce something similar, there are plenty of guys that would be able to fit the job perfectly. Let's examine 15 current WWE Superstars that could make up a new nWo.

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15 Erick Rowan

via voxcatch.fr

Rowan would be an ideal fit to be the modern-day Kevin Nash: The towering, tough guy of the group that didn't do as much on the mic as he did in the ring.

He's excellent in the Wyatt Family, acting as Bray Wyatt's servant by quietly beating down any Superstar. Though Nash wasn't as quiet, both men have had similar character styles throughout their careers.

Rowan's toughness would provide much more for the group.

14 Chris Jericho

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Although Jericho's excellent in the ring as a wrestler, each villainous group needs someone who can trash talk on the microphone, and few people have done it like Jericho.

In fact, only The Rock has probably done a better job of it. Jericho could be like Eric Bischoff, where he insults the crowd to draw more hatred, while firing up the other wrestlers by putting them in their places.

The best trash talkers make the best villains. Jericho would be ideal for the nWo.

13 Rusev

via rickey.org

Rusev is currently embracing a role in the Sheamus-led League of Nations, so there's no reason to think he'd be a failure in the nWo.

The aggression his character portrays, as well as the hatred for any wrestler in his way would make an ideal fit for the nWo. They didn't have that type of wrestler who was just so angry whenever he fought.

Like Jericho, Rusev would have provided that element of character the nWo lacked. Not to mention, along with Rusev would come the addition of Lana.

12 Ryback

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The nWo also lacked a guy like Ryback. Evolution had Batista, who was the destroyer and main enforcer for the group.

Ryback would fit in perfectly as the right-hand man you'd see. If Hulk Hogan was still the leader, he could turn to Ryback to beat down any wrestler. Ryback's energy, aggression and size would fit the bill perfectly as an nWo enforcer.

If only...

11 Dean Ambrose

via todaysknockout.com

One third of the members from The Shield had an excellent run with that alliance; he was able to play both heel and face with the group.

So why not have him join the nWo? Ambrose is one of the WWE's top in-ring performers, and could be the modern-day Scott Hall.

Dean Ambrose--unlike Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns--has not been pushed as hard since the split but continues to capture attention anyway which is exactly what the nWo set out to do each week.

10 Randy Orton

via wrestlingnews.co

Orton's best times were as a heel, and he has plenty of experience in it. He was the up-and-coming guy in Evolution, one half of the Rated RKO alliance (with Edge), and was leader of The Legacy.

Speaking of Scott Hall, Orton would probably fit that bill the best. He's great at playing the cocky guy who walks around with that swagger, without needing words to show his power in the ring.

Orton's style of wrestling and his on-screen arrogance is what makes fans hate such alliances. He'd be the perfect fit for nWo.

9 The Undertaker

via thesportmatrix.com

Talk about opposites attract...But would they really?

Imagine the greatest wrestler of all time (in my opinion), joining the biggest heel group to ever perform in a ring? There's not much of an explanation as why this would work, other than just imagining what could have worked.

The Undertaker, like Ryback, could be the enforcer of the group who said nothing and could just sneak up on wrestlers and make them his prey.

8 Kane

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If one half of the Brothers of Destruction were to join the nWo, so could the Big Red Machine.

Kane has always played a creepy villain who did the sickest things on screen, such as electrocuting Shane McMahon and lighting Jim Ross on fire. Imagine if the nWo had a guy who was willing to go that far?

Seriously. Imagine Kane in such storylines where the nWo leaders told him to go the distance, and he acted like that. Sure, some would find it bothersome, but it would be one of the coolest things ever.

7 Roman Reigns

via cagesideseats.com

Reigns, like Ambrose, excelled in The Shield's alliance. Unfortunately, he's probably the worst person the WWE has ever chosen to be face, given his awful microphone "skills."

He is a great in-ring performer, but doesn't have that "it" factor like John Cena and Hogan did to play the face of the WWE. So his career would best be served in an alliance like the nWo.

Reigns could play any role (except the leader) in such an alliance. Imagine him and Ambrose working together in that group.

Yes, please.

6 Kevin Owens

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Fight, Owens, Fight!

Owens and the nWo is a match that wrestling fans could think would be made in paradise. His microphone skills and tough-guy character are what all evil alliances need, and he'd fit it perfectly.

Imagine him as a sidekick to the leader, always asking for chances to prove himself, and just going out there to beat down any Superstar to show his worth.

I like it.

5 Bray Wyatt

via cagesideseats.com

The leader of The Wyatt Family would have such potential to become one of the main leaders in the nWo.

Like the original faction, the modern nWo could have three main leaders, and Wyatt could be one of those. His current style of wrestling, with three tough guy sidekicks, makes him one of the better characters today.

There's no reason to think he wouldn't be able to join the nWo.

4 Sheamus

via toobrother.com

There is not a better heel on the WWE roster than the Celtic Warrior/leader of The League of Nations.

Sheamus knows how to get under the skin of wrestlers and most importantly, the fans. That's what it would take to be a leader in the nWo.

In big matches, Sheamus always gets help from his fellow alliance members. The same could work in the nWo.

Sheamus would work out greatly for a modern-day nWo. No question about it.

3 Brock Lesnar

via foxsports.com


Doesn't the sound of Paul Heyman's voice sound beautiful saying that? The Beast is at an all-time high in terms of WWE performance, and Lesnar in the nWo sounds like music to my ears.

That's because he'd be perfect for that. You know how every villain in movies have that one tough guy they boss around and make him do the dirty work?

That would be Lesnar. Imagine him as a villain just destroying every wrestler who opposed the nWo.

Now, we're talking.

Oh, an let's not forget about Paul Heyman coming along for the ride.

2 Triple H

via betweentheropes.com

Triple H could be considered the best wrestler ever, depending on who you ask. But I certainly think he's in the top-five.

He's been the leader of D-Generation X, Evolution, and now, The Authority. Triple H can play leader of the bad guys in just about any alliance you put him in.

Like Hulk Hogan in the '90s, Triple H could play that World Championship-hungry jerk that relies on his many sidekicks to help him get it done. His awesome wrestling style isn't much different than that of Hogan's.

1 John Cena

via youtube.com

It would be time for Cena to change his lyrics to "Face time is up, I'm a bad guy now, now. you can't see me..I'm a bad guy now."

WWE fans have seen just about everything they've wanted...except the long-anticipated heel turn of John Cena. The world was shocked when Hogan went dark and joined the nWo. And it's time for Cena to follow suit.

Cena's been a good guy and face of the WWE for 12 years, and it's becoming boring. Hogan knew he had to make a major change to keep his prime career years on track, which worked out greatly.

Just imagine a scenario like this, pretending no current alliances are in place: Bray Wyatt and Sheamus start beating up Randy Orton and Roman Reigns (or any other heels/faces you'd prefer).

Cena's music comes out and he makes his return from shoulder surgery. The crowd errupts. Wyatt and Sheamus go up to him expecting an Attitude Adjustment, but he picks up Orton (or Reigns) and does it to them.

He does the "You can't see me," and gives the five-knuckle shuffle and starts insulting the fans and other wrestlers.

Cena would be the leader of the nWo. The one that millions grew to love would see him turn his back on all of his supporters. That is something that WWE needs to do: Make him heel.

And if Hogan's heel turn is an indication of anything, the WWE would go to new heights.

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