Remember When: Pete Dunne Used A Child As A Weapon

We have seen wrestlers use some pretty innovative weapons in our time, but Pete Dunne hitting Joe Coffey with a child from the audience is still our favorite.

Professional wrestling is a show, and sometimes that show can get pretty crazy. You know the saying everything but the kitchen sink? Well, that doesn't really apply to wrestling as on more than one occasion, competitors have used everything plus the kitchen sink in an attempt to try and keep their opponent down.

There are certain items that make numerous appearances in the wrestling world. Items we rarely see anywhere else now that we think about it. Sledgehammers, steel chairs, kendo sticks. All stored handily under the ring just in case someone should need a kendo stick for a practical reason, whatever that might be. Others have gotten more innovative, using things like Lego and stop signs.

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In 2017, Pete Dunne took the wrestling weapons game to a whole new level. While battling Joe Coffey at a show for Source Wrestling in Scotland, Dunne found himself in the middle of the fans looking for something to use. It was at that point he had a brainwave and proceeded to grab a small child. The Bruiserweight then rammed the child feet first into Coffey, knocking him to the floor.

A pretty cool moment for the child that he will never forget, and a story he'll be able to dine out on for the rest of his life. Especially since both Dunne and Coffey are now doing pretty well for themselves in WWE. In fact, less than a month after the match above, Dunne would become United Kingdom Champion, starting a reign that would last more than 500 days.

As for whether something like the above would fly in WWE, a week ago we would have probably said no. However, after watching Keith Lee launch Adam Cole into the crowd on NXT this week, we're guessing getting the fans involved is fair game, to an extent. Whether Dunne hits his opponents with children or not in the future, we hope his next steps in WWE will be deservedly big and significant ones.

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