Renee Young Discovered Talking Smack Was Cancelled Via Twitter

It appears that Talking Smack host Renee Young wasn't told about the aforementioned show was canceled before the news broke Twitter.

Since the WWE Brand split, which occurred around this time last year, one of the things that set SmackDown Live apart from Raw is the blue brand's post show, Talking Smack. Hosted by Young along with alternating co-hosts, Superstars would sit in and break down that week's episode of SmackDown Live. It made for some interesting television and is credited for kickstarting the run The Miz is currently enjoying. Despite its popularity among hardcore viewers though, WWE has decided to cut he Tuesday night show, and it would seem that they forgot to tell its host, Young.

News began circulating the internet that WWE decided to cut the show from its regularly scheduled programming last Friday via various news sites. Midway through the day, Young quoted one of the reports and claimed that it was the first she had heard of Talking Smack's cancellation. While WWE hadn't officially released the news themselves, it seems strange that they would have let the news get out before telling the face of the show.


Renee quoted a tweet from a reporter for TJR Wrestling who had said that he was sad about the show coming to an end and tagged both Young and semi-regular co-host Daniel Bryan while thanking them for doing such a great job with it. Above the quoted tweet, Young wrote 'hmmmm that's one way to get news', suggesting that the tagged tweet was the first she had heard of Talking Smack's cancellation.

For fans of Talking Smack, it's not all doom and gloom, however. Although the post SmackDown Live break down will no longer be a weekly occurrence, Young and the Superstars representing Tuesday nights will still return for the show after pay-per-views. Young will still be a regular occurring face on WWE television as she will continue her role as a back stage interviewer for SmackDown Live as well as hosting special event kick off shows for both brands.

It may seem peculiar that Young discovered news of the show's cancellation via reporters on Twitter instead of her actual employees, but it probably won't come as a surprise to most. We are talking about the same company that served CM Punk his release papers on the day of his wedding to fellow former WWE Superstar AJ Lee.

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