Renee Young Doesn't Want JBL's Job on SmackDown Live

In a somewhat surprising bit of news this past week, John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) announced he would be leaving his weekly commentary spot on SmackDown Live to focus on other projects. His contract was due in the WWE and both sides agreed that it was a good time for JBL to step back and let someone else add their two cents to the color commentary position on the blue brand. A variety of suggested names immediately began to make the rounds.


From Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler to Mauro Ranallo moving back to Tuesday nights, a big contingent of the WWE Universe spoke highly of female announcer/interviewer Renee Young. Young has been left without a major project to sink her teeth into since the cancellation of her two WWE Network programs Talking Smack and Unfiltered. Many believe her natural charisma, knowledge of the sport and suddenly freed up schedule would make her a shoe-in selection.

The problem seems to be that Young doesn't see herself as a good fit. She responded to an earlier Tweet by Gorilla Position's Twitter feed, that "while I truly appreciate all of the support on this, I would just like to remind everyone that I was never very good at commentary for NXT."

While most believe Young is being far too hard on herself and perhaps her own worst critic, she is right in that her natural role as an interviewer is a much better fit for her. When she debuted in September of 2013 on NXT and worked for six months on WWE Superstars things were not easy flowing. Like many commentators being thrown into the gig for the first time, she stumbled. But, like any good on-air talent, she has the chops to learn the craft and be the first female commentator to really make a name in the WWE for becoming a regular on a weekly show.


Still, areas like Talking SmackUnfiltered and any potential new shows in the vein of WWE 24 or documentary style pieces would better suit her natural ability to make you emotionally invest in the characters the WWE Universe gets to see week in and week out on WWE programming. A slower-paced, in-depth look at WWE talent is where she truly shines.

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