Why Renee Young Missed Raw And Will Skip SmackDown Live

Renee Young was not on Raw this week but there's nothing to worry about. The interviewer is ill and will be back by the weekend.

Despite Raw and SmackDown Live being separate shows there are a few elements that are staples of both broadcasts. John Cena is the biggest of those of course as he is WWE's one and only free agent and can wander freely between both shows. Corey Graves is also ever present as the color commentator on both Monday and Tuesday nights. The other face fans of both the red and the blue brand will be familiar with is Renee Young.

The announcer and interviewer's role with WWE should not be understated. Young hosts kick off shows, post shows, performs interviews backstage and in the ring, has her own show on the Network, and has even tried her hand at commentary. The more eagle eyed fans among you might have noticed that she was suspiciously absent from Raw this week.

Fellow interviewer Charly Caruso performed the duties that Young would normally have done so where exactly was the charismatic Canadian? Well don't worry yourself too much as it's nothing too sinister. A fan tweeted Young following the show questioning where she was and she replied revealing that she is simply not feeling very well.

While it seems as if Young will not be back to 100 percent in time for this week's SmackDown Live she did mention in the tweet that she will be back in time for Fastlane this Sunday. That means WWE will not have to find an alternative host for the pay per view's kick off show this weekend. If they did need to do that however Caruso has proven that she is more than capable of doing so during pre-shows for NXT Takeover events


There was a time in WWE where being sick or ill wasn't a valid excuse not to show up to work in the eyes of Vince McMahon. Clearly the 2018 version of the WWE chairman is thankfully a little more easy going when it comes to that topic. We hope Renee Young feels better soon and we look forward to seeing her on Fastlane's kick off show.


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