Renee Young Reacts To Jon Moxley's Brutal Match With Kenny Omega

Fans are always pretty split over violent matches like the one which closed Full Gear. Renee Young was firmly one the "hate" side of the fence in this instance.

You'd expect with AEW trying to bring lost traditions back to wrestling that every main event of its PPVs going forward would be a World Title match. However, it proved it wouldn't be bringing back that tradition at the first time of asking this weekend at Full Gear. Jon Moxley versus Kenny Omega went on last.

That's because the bout was an unsanctioned, lights out match. A match that Tony Khan and the rest of AEW's heads didn't want to be blamed for should the worst happen. A match that technically took place after the show for storyline purposes. It's the second time AEW has done this, pulling the same stunt with Moxley versus Joey Janela at Fyter Fest.

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Turns out AEW was right not to want anything to do with this match. Moxley and Omega engaged in a brutal match during which it felt as if each man was trying to kill the other. Broken glass, barbed wire, mouse traps. For fans who enjoy the very violent side of wrestling, it was the perfect main event. For fans who don't, well, they probably should have tuned out the moment MJF kicked Cody in his downstairs.

Whether you enjoyed the match or not, spare a thought for Renee Young on this Sunday morning. Poor Mrs. Moxley was watching on as glass and barbed wire cut her husband to ribbons. The WWE Backstage presenter sent a few short and not-so-sweet tweets including "Seriously wtf" and "Hi. Yes. Hello. I hate this." We'd probably have hated it too if our other half had been in the match.

After the match, Young tweeted "Anyways I hear Christmas Movies are a great palette cleanser. (Help!)." Good call, Renee. What did you think of Moxley versus Omega at Full Gear, or the PPV in general? Although not perfect, it was a great showing for what was AEW's first PPV since having a weekly TV show. We look forward to seeing the fallout this coming Wednesday on Dynamite.

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