Report: Possible Reason WWE Booked Goldberg To Squash Brock Lesnar

Goldberg shocked the entire world by squashing Brock Lesnar in under two minutes at Survivor Series last night. It led to lots of vitriol at WWE from fans for allowing a part timer who hadn't wrestled in 12 years to be the one to finally beat Lesnar cleanly.

However, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, one reason why WWE might have done it was because Goldberg has agreed to participate in the Royal Rumble match in San Antonio, Texas next year. So the thinking is that WWE wants to build Goldberg up as a legitimate threat and even though there's no word on it, there could be a WrestleMania appearance for Goldberg as well.

On a side note, while many would have preferred a full time wrestler to beat Lesnar, on the bright side, it does show that Lesnar is human and may be a ploy to finally get someone to beat him cleanly in a legitimate match.

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