Report: Sin Cara 'Exiled' From RAW European Tour

As previously reported, Chris Jericho and Sin Cara were involved in an altercation while on RAW's European tour this past weekend. The incident occurred on the company's tour bus, while the crew was traveling from Leeds, England to Glasgow, Scotland.

The altercation started when Jericho confronted Cara (Hunico) who was annoying the rest of the bus by making noises and it all ended with Jericho reportedly biting Sin Cara's hand. Witnesses have said Sin Cara won the altercation which is pretty impressive, considering Jericho's previous track record.

Dave Meltzer reported that due to multiple backstage altercations this year, Sin Cara will have to undergo anger management classes, but that's not all.

Cara has reportedly been 'exiled' from the RAW tour to the SmackDown side of the tour, according to PW Insider. At one point, officials were considering sending him home, but instead decided on switching him over to the SmackDown side.

Never a dull moment backstage, eh?

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Report: Sin Cara 'Exiled' From RAW European Tour