Returning Home: 15 Fascinating Facts To Reintroduce You To Mickie James

Mickie James made her successful return to WWE TV a few weeks ago when it was revealed that she was the woman behind the La Luchadora character.

Before Mickie made her return to the SmackDown brand, she had her first WWE match in more than six years when she faced NXT Women's Champion Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Toronto the night before Survivor Series.

This match was so impressive that WWE COO Triple H offered Mickie a contract, which she then accepted and made her re-debut on SmackDown at the beginning of January. Mickie has been in WWE before and she is a former Women's and Divas Champion, which means she will definitely be giving the Women's Division the experience that it has lacked.

Mickie has joined Alexa Bliss in her quest to prove that she was one of the women who actually began the Women's Revolution years before it became famous. Right now, Mickie, Natalya, and Alexa are the main instigators in this storyline, and it has definitely given the SmackDown women something to get their teeth into.

Given her storied wrestling history, there is a lot of rumors circling around about Mickie James, but for fans who weren't around seven years ago, here are 15 facts to help you get to known Mickie James better.

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15 Mickie Was Engaged To Kenny Dykstra

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Mickie James had a successful run in WWE that began back in October 2005. But before Mickie joined WWE's main roster, she had a brief stint in OVW which is where she met Kenny Dykstra. Mickie and Kenny were stationed together in the developmental set up and were later added to the main roster of Raw together as well.

Kenny became a member of The Spirit Squad while Mickie jumped into a feud with Trish Stratus. Sadly Kenny's career wasn't as long as Mickie's though since he was written off WWE TV after a scandal relating to Mickie and John Cena. Although, he was brought back to WWE recently to be part of SmackDown's tag team roster but has interestingly disappeared since Mickie has made her WWE return.

14 Mickie Is Married To TNA Star Magnus

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After Mickie was released from WWE, she went on to make a name for herself in TNA and even managed to meet her future husband. Mickie and Magnus worked together at Impact Wrestling before they began dating back in 2013 and announced their engagement in 2014.

The then married in December 2015 and have been seen traveling around and taking Independent bookings together since their contracts with TNA ended. Mickie and Magnus were scheduled for several UK shows before Mickie was offered a contract with WWE in late 2016, but Magnus is still being advertised for these shows without his wife. Mickie is now back on the main stage of wrestler and whether or not Magnus finds his way to WWE remains to be seen.

13 The Couple Have A Son

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That's right, it may have been just over six years since we saw Mickie James in a WWE ring, but it seems that Mickie has not only married Magnus, the couple has also welcomed her first child into the world.

This means that Mickie now has to work her renewed WWE schedule around her family as well. Mickie announced the arrival of her son Donovan Patrick Aldis back in September 2014, a few months before Mickie and Magnus were officially engaged. She took some time away from wrestling but has since returned and hasn't skipped a beat in a WWE ring, despite taking some time out. Mickie is back and is sure to make her family proud while helping push forward the SmackDown Women's Division.

12 Mickie Is The Only Woman To Hold The Women's, Divas, And Knockouts Titles

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Mickie James made her WWE debut back in 2005, it was a time when both Trish Stratus and Lita were looking to walk away from the company, and many fans looked at Mickie as the future of the Women's Division. It is easy to see why Mickie is a talented wrestler and a history-making wrestler at that.

Mickie is a former five-time Women's Champion, a Divas Champion, and a three-time TNA Knockout's Champion. This means that Mickie is the only women to have held all three titles, no other woman has managed to dominate the female divisions of two of the biggest wrestling companies like Mickie has. And who knows, becoming a six-time WWE Women's Champion could be a possibility in the coming months on SmackDown Live.

11 Mickie Is An Accomplished Country Music Singer

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Not only is Mickie a talented wrestler, but she is also a talented singer. This was seen throughout her TNA wrestling career when she sang her own entrance theme and often performed on the show as well.

Mickie has released two studio albums that have been mildly successful on the country music charts and continues to work as a singer now. Mickie has always been a talented singer, but it wasn't something she was able to do a lot of when she was first contracted to WWE. But her release from the company allowed her to concentrate more on her singing career. Now that she is back on the road with WWE, where the schedule gets hectic, she may have taken a step back from music.

10 TNA/ROH History

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Mickie started her professional wrestling career in TNA as Alexis Laree, but before she climbed the ranks in TNA, she made many appearances for Ring of Honor. Mickie was then signed to WWE where she was trained in OVW and became one of the biggest female stars on their main roster.

Following her WWE release, she returned to TNA and once again had a successful stint with the company. Mickie is thought to be one of this generation's most talented wrestlers and the fact that she has had successful stints in three of the biggest wrestling companies in the world, only seems to further prove this point. Mickie is not only well traveled but she has actually accomplished quite a bit in the wrestling industry.

9 Mickie Is Well Educated

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Wrestling is definitely not a job with longevity. It is a career that many stars only manage to stay in for around a decade, which means that there are always other plans for Superstars after they leave the industry. Mickie was smart and she decided to study and get her degree before her wrestling career became full time.

Mickie has a degree in Business Administration and is also studying for her Bachelor of the Arts degree in Business Management. Mickie ensured that she had a Plan B if her wrestling career didn't work out. This also means that Mickie is a well-educated individual, which is something people don't expect WWE Superstars to be. Having an education to fall back on is never a bad thing, especially for a professional wrestler.

8 Mickie Owns A Lot Of Animals And Plans To Have A Farm

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Mickie is an animal lover. She has always spoken about how much she loves animals and even owns quite a few herself. Mickie owns three Morgan horses named Bunny, Rhapsody, and Casanova. She also owns two dogs who are named Butch and Elvis.

Mickie grew up on a farm and it has always been her dream to open and run her own farm when her wrestling career was over. This could be why she is studying for a business degree so that she knows how to run her own company. It would be a big change to go from wrestling to farming, but it seems that this is something Mickie is really passionate about. It seems Mickie is looking for a quiet life when wrestling is over.

7 Mickie Is Still Good Friends With Melina

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Mickie James and Melina had one of the best female rivalries in WWE history. They changed the game and lifted the bar when they were in the ring together, so it comes as no surprise that they have remained friends following their WWE release.

Melina is currently the Southside Women's Champion in the UK and she asked Mickie to come over and face her for her birthday in March, something that Mickie was about to accept until she was offered a contract by WWE. It seems that even though they were enemies inside the ring, Mickie and Melina, much like Trish and Lita, have remained the best of friends outside of it. And as we all know, maintaining friendships in wrestling is never an easy thing.

6 Three Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards

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This may not sound like a big deal, but to win Female Wrestler of the Year according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated is pretty huge for some female Superstars and especially huge considering Mickie is the only woman who has won the award while performing for two different promotions.

Mickie won the award once while she was in WWE and then twice while she was performing for TNA. The likes of AJ Lee and Trish Stratus have also won the award more than once, but they only won the award while being part of WWE. Mickie is the first person to pick this up while working for Impact Wrestling, which shows the talent she truly has. No matter your opinion of TNA, Mickie cannot be overlooked as a real wrestling talent.

5 Mickie Uses Her Real Name In Wrestling

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There are not many people in WWE who can say that they have been able to use their real name as their ring name. John Cena, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, and many other stars have been given the chance to do this, but Mickie is the only female to have been allowed to keep her real name and go on to work for other companies with it.

WWE often like to copyright the names of their talent to prevent them from cashing in on the popularity that the company has given to them, but it seems that Mickie was allowed to slip through the net and has been performing under her real name for the past 12 years. In fact, the name Mickie James is now quite popular among wrestling circles.

4 The Piggy James Storyline 

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Just in case some of the stories about WWE and how harsh they can be had slipped your attention, here is one that really should never have seen the light of day. Mickie was asked by WWE officials to lose weight or they would terminate her WWE contract, being as stubborn as she is, Mickie refused.

WWE then decided that as a way to get back at Mickie for not losing weight, they would make her feel bad about it by creating the 'Piggy James' storyline. This has been condemned by many of the WWE Universe ever since. It sets a bad example for females with eating disorders and it was way out of line for WWE to use it as a way to teach Mickie a lesson.

3 Mickie Replaced Trish Stratus In Toronto

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Mickie James wasn't actually supposed to make her return to WWE back in 2016. It was supposed to be hometown legend Trish Stratus who stepped through the curtain in Toronto, but WWE couldn't bring Trish back because she had just announced that she was pregnant with her second child.

Instead, WWE did the next best thing and brought back one of her biggest rivals. Although it does raise the question of if WWE did bring Trish back instead, would Mickie have ever been offered the chance to return to the company? While Mickie is doing a great job now, maybe WWE have Trish in mind for a WWE return as well somewhere down the line? Either way, Mickie was a welcomed returned to the company.

2 Mickie Has Made Cameos On TV Shows And Adverts

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There is no doubting Mickie James' talent. She is a wrestler, singer, and actress. She is a talented talker on the mic as well which is why she is able to switch from the ring to the screen with such ease.

As well as releasing two studio albums during her time away from WWE, Mickie also appeared in a cameo role on  theTV show Psych where she was a villainous roller derby girl. She then appeared in a Dr. Pepper advert later the same year. It seems Mickie had her taste of showbiz and decided that she didn't like it as much as she liked wrestling. As fans of Mickie will surely agree, they would much rather watch her in the ring selling moves than selling soda.

1 Mickie And John Cena Have A Storied History

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Mickie James and John Cena are currently appearing on the SmackDown roster together. Mickie is married and has a son while John is now in a committed relationship with Nikki Bella.

A few short years ago, this was a different story, Cena was the one who was married and Mickie was engaged but this didn't stop them. It seems that Cena had a history of attracting some of the female stars and Mickie was the latest one. Stupidly, Mickie fell for John and when he decided that the relationship had run its course, Mickie didn't want to back off. She was then moved to SmackDown away from him and eventually released from the company. His marriage fell apart afterward and he has since been able to refocus his personal life, but it will be interesting to see if Mickie and Nikki manage to get along in the coming weeks.

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