Revealed: Vince McMahon's Thinking Behind Women's Ironman Match Finish

At this point, we'd have been more surprised if Sasha Banks retained her title against Charlotte at Roadblock and we were left unsurprised. Charlotte won the ironwoman match to become a four time women's champion, ending her feud with Banks in the process. It drew lots of criticism not only from The Boss' fans but WWE fans in general as the title has become a case of hot potato, with Banks always losing at the pay-per-views.

According to Dave Meltzer however, Vince McMahon though Banks tapping out with two seconds left on the clock would excite the crowd:

"Vince McMahon had this really "exciting" thing. Sasha was about to win and retain the championship. (...) Vince thought the whole building would go crazy during the countdown and then she would tap at 2 to deflate the entire crowd. Everybody else disagreed."

The crowd did indeed deflate as Charlotte went on to win, leaving the fans in attendance frustrated. Another case of Vince being out of touch?

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