WWE Tag Team FINALLY Returns To Raw

The WWE got a major boost to its tag team division on Monday night. After a five-month hiatus, The Revival finally returned to Raw, where they defeated Rhyno and Heath Slater in a tag team match.

The group hadn't been on WWE programming since the July 10 episode of Raw. Scott Dawson suffered a ruptured bicep and had to miss five months to recover, and Dash Wilder did not appear on television with his tag team partner absent.

Dawson and Wilder hit the Shatter Machine on Slater to win in their first match back together.

The Revival was one of the most dominant and popular tag teams in NXT. Wilder and Dawson won a pair of NXT Tag Team Championships, before making their main roster debuts at WrestleMania 33.


But their main roster push was halted following a jaw injury to Wilder that sidelined him for eight weeks. After his return, The Revival began a feud with The Hardy Boyz and Gallows and Anderson, before Dawson's aforementioned biceps injury.

It remains to be seen how the creative team will use the returning tag team, but they could very well receive a big push soon. Gallows and Anderson only appear periodically, while Jeff Hardy is sidelined with a shoulder injury that has forced brother Matt into singles competition.


The Bar and The Shield are constantly feuding for the Raw Tag Team Championships. It's possible The Revival enters the feud to make it a three-way rivalry, or they may challenge Cesaro and Sheamus alone.


With limited tag teams available on the Raw roster, The Revival's return is huge. They're both skilled in-ring performers and seem to be over with the WWE Universe. Now, we wait and see what the creative team has in store for them. But it's sure good to have The Revival back up again. Say Yeah!

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