Rey Mysterio Accidentally Got Fans Chanting Something Rather Unfortunate At Disastrous WWE Live Event

WWE paid a visit to Puerto Rico over the weekend and according to those in attendance, the whole thing was a bit of a disaster.

One of the main reasons WWE has become as big as it has in recent years is due to the fact what we see on TV every week is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if Raw and SmackDown are unwatchable disasters, there is so much more going on behind the scenes. From the company's charity work to its merchandise sales to its house shows and live events.

That last one is what really sets WWE apart from other wrestling companies. It's also why WWE never stops. Its Superstars don't just work one night a week and then head home. They work other, often smaller shows over the weekend and actually get to spend very little time at home.

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This past weekend, for example, the Raw brand paid a visit to Puerto Rico. However, by a variety of accounts from fans in attendance on Reddit and Twitter, the whole thing was a disaster. Nine matches were advertised but only five took place, eight Superstars advertised for the show didn't appear at all, and there was a 20-minute break for a relatively short two-hour show.

We've still not told you the best/worst bit, as you can see above. Rey Mysterio was involved in a segment with Baron Corbin and got fans chanting "mamabicho." Don't worry, we didn't know what it meant either. Trouble is, neither did Mysterio, or at least we hope he didn't. According to fans who do know what the word means, it translates to "d**k sucker" in English. So yeah, not exactly what you want fans chanting at live events which tend to be family-heavy.

All in all, it hasn't exactly been the best week for WWE in terms of bad press. The last thing the company needed on top of the debacle that has been WWE 2K20's release is a house show that went as badly as Saturday's one in Puerto Rico. Personally, we hope Mysterio leans into what he said and claims to have known exactly what he was saying. Somehow, we can't see that happening.

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