Every Time Rey Mysterio Dressed Up As A Comic Book Character, Ranked

It’s no surprise that wrestling and comic books go together like Americana and Norman Rockwell. The superstars are larger than life superhero type characters. For years, WWE had paid Marvel Entertainment for the name rights for a certain Green Goliath to be used a certain Brother who has a propensity for saying “brother.” Plenty of superstars over the years have parlayed their love of comic books into their gear. Most recently, Seth Rollins rocked Avengers-style gear, and Alexa Bliss is a cosplay fan who has donned Harley Quinn gear on several occasions.

But it’s the legendary Luchador himself, Rey Mysterio that pulls out all of the stops in his costumes. As a real-life superhero, Rey has also figured some of the comic book industry's greatest characters into his attire over the years. As a luchador, all of his ring gear is unique, colorful, and flamboyant. On a lot of the big shows, he puts a little extra “wham, bam, pow” into his tights.

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11 SummerSlam 2007 - Silver Surfer

Believe it or not, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer was a pretty anticipated film. Little did any fan know at the time that the trailer featuring the Surfer and Johnny racing through New York was the only scene worth seeing. That, and the future Hall Of Famer, Rey Mysterio do his take on Norrin Radd when he faced off with Chavo Guerrero at the 2007 SummerSlam event.

Considering all the body paint and glitter didn’t help him look as much like the Surfer as he probably wanted to, he should have opted for his more traditional shirt for this one. Plus, the guy didn’t even have some fancy surfboard entrance.

10 WrestleMania XX - The Flash

DC Comics’ Fastest Man Alive, The Flash was immortalized by the lightning quick Rey Rey during the festivities of WrestleMania XX. While Mysterio usually uses a lot of colors, the Flash is mostly red all over.

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As part of the Cruiserweight Open, aside from Ultimate Dragon’s unfortunate slip getting into the ring (long before Titus), Mysterio’s Flash getup was the only thing memorable about what should have been a show stealing free for all.

9 SummerSlam 2012 - Batman

Rey usually does his best to match his costume to whatever the hottest movie is at the time. In 2012, The Dark Knight Rises was all over the world and the final Christian Bale Batflick was a fitting end to Christopher Nolan’s beloved trilogy.

Rey’s tribute at SummerSlam 2012 to the Batman and that film was not as in-depth as some of his other tributes. But it will still unique to see the legend in all black.

8 Wrestlemania 35 - Mysterio

It took Mysterio thirty years to dress up like his namesake, and it took Marvel well over that to finally bring Mysterio to the big screen.

With Marvel bringing Mysterio to the MCU with 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, Rey paid homage as the King Of Mystery dressed up like the Spidey villain for WrestleMania 35. He didn’t wear any fishbowl on his head, but the rest of the costume was fitting for the legendary Luchador.

7 All In - Wolverine

Since he wasn’t under WWE contract lasts year, Rey showed up at the monumental All In event. The legend was part of the show’s main event - a six-man tag, alongside Rey Fennix and Bandito against the Golden Elite (Kota Ibushi and the Young Bucks).

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To show the world that he’s still the best at what he does, Mysterio donned the costume of the guy who’s the best at what he does, Wolverine.

6 WrestleMania XIX - Daredevil

There might not be a more perfect match than the Man Without Fear, Daredevil and the Luchador Without Fear, Rey Mysterio! For his first ever WrestleMania match; against Matt Hardy for the Cruiserweight title, Rey came out decked in the dark red version of the Guardian Devil, reminiscent of the 2003 Ben Affleck movie.

The match and the movie both suffered from too much hype and not a lot of payoff. But in both cases, the costume looked cool.

5 WrestleMania XXVII - Captain America

He might not be the first Luchador, but Rey is one of the first Luchadors to be given proper respect in the WWE. For his match against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XXVII, Mysterio donned the garb of the First Avenger, Captain America.

Around this time in his career, Rey started using an Aztec symbol on his gear. For this outfit, he used it for the star. Despite both he and his opponent both being comic book fans, Rhodes did not dress up like the Red Skull.

4 Crash - Black Panther

Crash Lucha is a promotion out of California. Hidden amongst several areas across the state are several independent promotions across the state. Much like those promotions, the nation of Wakanda was hidden from the world too.

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The King Of Mystery merged the two worlds when several months before The Black Panther debuted in his own MCU adventure, Rey must’ve been thinking “619 Forever” when he dressed up as T’Challa for one of their big events.

3 Halloween Havoc 1997 - The Phantom

22 years after Halloween Havoc and it’s still hard to believe that Rey Mysterio was only 22 years old. It’s also hard to believe that the Luchador took his inspiration for this night’s match against Eddie Guerrero from the Billy Zane Phantom movie.

It actually might be the only non-Marvel or DC character Rey has ever done. The full bodysuit plus the amazing match are both one of the most memorable of Rey’s career.

2 MSG House Show - Spider-Man

Early on in his career both in ECW and WCW, Rey had worn a red and blue outfit, similar to everyone’s favorite wall-crawler.

But he never did Peter Parker proper, until he became everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in every New Yorker’s favorite friendly neighborhood stadium. He came to the MSG House Show a few years ago as ol’ Webhead.

1 WrestleMania XXV - The Joker

Oddly enough, one of the reasons that Rey as Heath Ledger’s Joker tops this list is how silly it looks, which is part of why it’s so memorable. He came to WrestleMania XXV channeling the Clown Prince Of Crime with a green wig of all things!

The getup worked for him, he took out JBL in record time to capture the Intercontinental title.

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