Why Rey Mysterio Never Signed With Impact

Rey Mysterio was expected to sign with Impact Wrestling, but the WWE Universe received a pleasant surprise when he entered the Royal Rumble. Thus, the 43-year-old lucha libre legend left many wondering what the future held for him.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Mysterio doesn't appear anywhere close to joining Impact now. Konnan (his agent), was working on the deal, but Johnson said "something went wrong leading to the agreement never getting finalized and signed." At this point, something drastic would have to take place for Mysterio to join on with the company, as his debut has been cancelled.

Of course, Mysterio could always go back to the WWE. But as Johnson points out, the 43-year-old family man only wants to appear part-time, whereas the WWE prefers he works full-time.

Mysterio reiterated this during an interview with ESPN in December, saying he enjoys his freedom as an "independent contractor," with the ability to create his own schedule. Unfortunately, WWE only lets a handful of stars like John Cena and Brock Lesnar wrestle under part-time contracts.


It's easy to understand why Rey Mysterio doesn't want to work full-time, as his wrestling career spans over two decades. The Master of the 619 has two children in their teens, and he's been travelling year round for years, and you have to wonder how much more his body can take in the ring.

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But there's no doubting that the WWE Universe would welcome back Mysterio in open arms. One of the top stars of the 21st century, Mysterio won two World Heavyweight Championships, three Intercontinental titles and four Tag Team Championship belts. He's a lock for the WWE Hall o Fame.

The Cruiserweight Division could easily use a veteran presence like Mysterio, who could help put younger talents like Cedric Alexander and and Kalisto over. We'll see if he and the WWE can find middle ground in contract negotiations, and if he'll commit his long-term future to the squared circle once more.

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Why Rey Mysterio Never Signed With Impact