Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised If Rey Mysterio Loses His Universal Title Match Tonight

Fan favorite Rey Mysterio has earned himself a shot at the Universal Title and will be facing Seth Rollins for the belt this Monday night on Raw. But the diminutive luchador is very unlikely to rid The Architect of his prized possession and WWE has done little to keep the result of the match a surprise.

Firstly, they're going big on promoting Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt for Hell in a Cell on October 6. Braun Strowman's name has also been thrown into the mix, so it's either Seth vs. Bray or Braun vs. Bray, but there's hardly anything to spur the notion of Rey going up against the resurgent entertainer.

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WWE has suggested that Rollins will be facing Bray whether he's Universal Champion or not, but looking at their official preview for tonight's show, that's not exactly the case.

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“The season premiere of Raw will end in one of two ways: Either Rollins will get some much-needed momentum before he faces his nightmarish foe, or a WWE Legend will get the chance to give Bray Wyatt a taste of his own medicine in the place where rivalries are settled forever," it reads.

Fans would do well not to place too much faith in WWE's pieces when it comes to match previews and this bit makes a case for Seth vs. Bray more than it does for Rey vs. Bray. If the latter was even a remote possibility, we'd probably have seen it in several other places, not just WWE's fine print.

We should also consider the fact that Bray is hellbent on keeping Seth safe so he gets him at Hell in a Cell. While he does have some history with Mysterio, there's been a lot more between his former character and Rollins.

Anything Is Possible, But...

We'd be very surprised if Rey walks away from Monday's match as champion, we wouldn't be upset if he does, however.

Going by what's put before us, though, there's not much to suggest that the 6-1-9 superstar will overcome The Beast Slayer. Bray's only promised to see one person in "hell" so far, and that person's been Rollins.

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