Here's What Rey Mysterio's Kid Looks Like Now

Rey Mysterio Jr. was a heck of a wrestler during his time with the WWE, and will always be one of the most popular wrestlers ever due to his colorful masks and high-flying in-ring skill. Mysterio was also exciting to watch because of how well he moved around in the ring and how he utilized his size to defeat his opponents.

During his career, Rey Mysterio Jr. ended up winning three WWE World Championships, won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship five times, and also won the new version of that championship belt three times in the WWE. He’s one of the best cruiserweights of all-time.

One of Mysterio’s biggest most famous storylines involved his good friend, the late Eddie GuerreroMysterio and Guerrero had a very close relationship and were tag team champions at one point after taking down the Basham Brothers at No Way Out. They ended up splitting up and facing off at Wrestlemania even though they were still tag team champions. It was very odd.

The feud between both wrestlers grew when both Mysterio and Guerrero fought over custody of Mysterio’s real-life son Dominick. A video of the feud can be seen below.

Dominic is now all grown up. At the age of 19, he just started training for pro wrestling at the Battle U Pro Wrestling School in San Diego back in July. Of course, Dominic’s father is helping him train. The school that he’s training at is owned by Gus Parsons and Miriam Prieto. It operates as a part of Finest City Wrestling promotion.

With wrestling in his blood, there’sno doubt that Dominick will end up with WWE’s NXT at some point in the near future. Below are some pictures of just how big Dominic is now, but beware, you will see photos of Rey Mysterio without his mask.



When it comes to Dominick’s father, Rey Mysterio Jr, he’s currently wrestling with Lucha Underground at the age of 42 after leaving the WWE in 2015.

Comment below and tell us what your favorite moment from Rey Mysterio Jr’s career is. Also, do you think Dominic will be better than his father?

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