Drake Maverick said something very interesting during his segment on Raw. Sitting at the announce table with Corey Graves, Michael Cole and Coach during the Cruiserweight action, Maverick introduced himself to the Raw fans and cited his excitement for the 205 Live Tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion.

During his time at the table with the Raw broadcast crew and while speaking about some of the details of the tournament, he revealed that of the 16 men involved there will be surprise entrants.

The first thought when trying to guess who might be one of those surprise entrants has to be Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio made his return to WWE at this year’s Royal Rumble. It was a shocking moment that has been viewed millions of times on YouTube and the WWE has realized just how popular Mysterio still is and the company is trying to come to terms with him on a full-time return. Unfortunately, Mysterio and the WWE have not put pen to paper yet.


If the WWE and Mysterio can find a way to get a deal done, the 205 Live Tournament would make a lot of sense on many levels. First, 205 Live could absolutely use a big name talent like Mysterio on their show. A roster full of high-level and work-horse talent, there aren’t many names bigger than Mysterio who can still be considered a Cruiserweight. He’s a former WWE Champion, one of the most popular stars in WWE history and he can match move for move with any competitor in WWE’s Cruiserweight Division.

Via SEScoops

Second, while Mysterio is in arguably the best shape of his life, he is looking for a lighter schedule than WWE would like him to work. A family man, it is the lighter schedule that may be the deal breaker. Adding him to 205 Live might be one way to meet in the middle for both sides.

The cruiserweights are not often showcased during house shows and as part of the group, Mysterio would have a naturally lighter schedule. If and when the WWE wants to use Mysterio,  he could be included in the biggest house shows in much the same way someone like Brock Lesnar is. In the meantime, he could still appear on Tuesdays and on Raw as part of the Cruiserweight Division.


Finally, there are multiple ways WWE could book his involvement in the tourney. One option is that he would be a natural fit to win the title, have a big match at WrestleMania and eventually moving back to the main roster for his final run with the company. Some may see being placed on the 205 Live roster a demotion for Mysterio, but if done correctly it could pan out to be a fantastic progression that serves both sides rather well.

The other option is that he doesn’t win but is used to make a new star from the Cruiserweight Division. Mysterio could simply be the big-name boost the tournament needs, and even if he weren’t to win, he could put over a competitor like Cedric Alexander or Ricochet and make that person an immediate player.

In the end, there’s nothing suggesting placing Mysterio in the tournament means he needs to stay on 205 Live. There are already rumors of roster members from Raw or SmackDown Live potentially making a temporary move. All that needs to happen is for WWE and Mysterio to come to terms on a deal. Even if it only lasts for the duration of the tournament, that would be a start.

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